Prana Chai
#OnlyTheGoodStuff Cold Brew Flask

Prana Chai


Now you can enjoy your Prana Chai all year round! A cold brew chai is perfect for lazy summer days when you still want to enjoy a refreshing Prana Chai without the heat. 

The chai flask means you can now drink your fave brew on the go. Just prepare your cold brew ahead of time and have it ready to go when you’re on the run.

Prana Chai's #onlythegoodstuff double-walled glass flask has a filter basket and bamboo lid and is the perfect container to simply the cold brew process. Simply fill the strainer basket with chai, pour in your favorite plant-based milk, close it and set in the refrigerator overnight. 

We also have Cold Brew Starter Kits available, which come with the glass flask, our recipe book and your choice of Prana Chai blend.

This flask or kit makes a great gift for any chai aficionado in your life or is a brew-tiful treat for yourself when you’ve decided to up your chai game. 

 Download the Prana Chai Recipe Booklet.


How to Cold Brew Prana Chai at Home


Fill up the strainer of the cold brew flask with Prana Chai and fit back into the glass flask.


Pour your favourite milk over the Prana Chai (we recommend a non-dairy milk like almond or soy) until the flask is full and the tea is covered. Put the lid on and shake well.


Refrigerate for at least 4 hours (we recommend a maximum of 18), and then enjoy!