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Wholesale with Prana Chai

Made by baristas, for baristas.

Prana Chai was made to be more than just an instant drink, it's a chai that drives in shared moments, creates opportunities to connect and provides an experience of calm for customers to align with your cafe.

Why Prana Chai Why Prana Chai

Made from quality

We use only the best tea & spices from around the world and taste test every batch.

Easy to make

Quicker to make than a cup of coffee, we’ve made it easy for baristas to brew quality chai in minutes.

We look after you

You’re more than just a customer, we welcome you into our family and support you in anyway you need

Chai Training

We support you and your team with training on how to brew the perfect chai

Pots & Strainers

Our specialized teaware gives your customers a consistent & unique experience every time

Increase Sales

Greater margins than coffee means a higher average sale per customer. Prana Chai is proven to help cafes sell more chai.

Friends of Prana Friends of Prana

Kaffe, Denmark

“The recognition I got from customers when I switched from powdered chai to Prana was unmatched. I decided to use Prana chai because its in line with the quality of the other products i sell and it's important to me that I serve people the best I can get and in this case, that’s prana.”

Lasse, Owner

Treeology, London

“Prana is simply amazing - amazing product, amazing team and customer service. 

We have known Prana for a while now and appreciate the authenticity, incredibly high quality and enormous care that the team has for their customers."

Vigen, Manager

Villino Coffee Roasters, Tasmania

“Since switching to Prana Chai we have received positive feedback from customers about the complexity and depth of the flavour in our chai and have found a noticeable uptake in the number of customers regularly ordering chai!?”

Tom, Manager

The Lab - Black Poison, Sydney

“The taste and smell is delicious, our customers love it and they wouldn’t drink any other chai!”

Nicole, Manager

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