Prana Chai is handmade for you fresh each day in Melbourne. In the beginning some people referred to Prana Chai as a wet chai, because of its shiny appearance - but chai lovers call it sticky chai. We make this sticky goodness with all natural ingredients and without artificial sweeteners, preservatives or additives.

Natural ingredients
Handmade daily
Improve your health



Our Original Masala Chai Blend combines premium black tea with pure honey, cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, cloves, peppercorn and ginger root for the ultimate taste sensation. The result is a smooth, not-too-spicy, not-too-sweet chai blend that tastes great morning, noon or night.

Prana Chai continue to tinker away with their sticky chai recipes, developing a Vegan Chai Blend (sans honey), a healthy, tasty Turmeric Chai Blend, and a wonderfully refreshing Peppermint Chai Blend.

Natural ingredients
Handmade daily
Improve your health


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CHAI 101 CHAI 101

Chai is a deliciously sweet and spicy brew made with black tea, aromatic spices, and milk. Originally from India, this irresistible concoction has swept across the world to become a fierce rival of coffees and hot chocolates.
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Chai . . . It’s not just for sipping. There are countless ways to integrate healthy, tasty chai into your everyday life.




I'm not a fan of peppermint tea, but I am a huge fan of prana chai. So I was very surprised when I loved and continue to love the Peppermint Blend!

Fen, Australia

Outstanding Chai!

It all started in outback NSW, in a lovely little cafe called "The silly goat". The wonderful owner made me this delicious chai. Keen to know what it was, she told me all about it! As I was sipping away I got out trusty Google and found a starter kit and asked if they sold them. Sadly not. So I added it to my cart and the rest is history - 6 months down the track I'm still drinking it and just received my new cold brew flask. Can honestly highly recommend these guys and their products.

Lyle, Australia


I love this kit!! The quality of the items is really nice. And even the box it comes in is beautiful. If you want to send as a gift you can have it sent directly to recipient as is, as the box is lovely and thick and pretty. I thought it was a bit if a waste buying the pot and the strainer etc as you can make do with what you have, but I did purchase as a gift and I now want one too, can’t get over the lovely quality. It’s great value!! Loved it xxx

Bre, Australia

My Morning Ritual

I just love your chai blends. I use my Thermomix to make a cup every day. A tablespoon of chai then pour in a cup of water complete with a big splash of soy milk. Crank up the Thermomix for two and a half minutes at a temperature of 90 degrees. Pour through a sieve into cup. Makes my day!

Lydia, Australia

Cold Brew Chai

The cold chai is delicious - so easy to set up and easier to drink! Perfect for summer.

Louise, Australia

Lovely tea and Lovely Products

Super great. I love this chai.. it is the best chai ever... I actually came back to purchase two kits for gifts also. The products in the gift box are really great quality.. nice and thick and solid. Would highly recommend purchasing the kit for the pot and the strainer if you don’t have. Very happy with my experience. 

Caitlin, Australia

5 Stars from Germany

We discovered this Tea in a local coffee shop ( and immediately fell in love with it. The shop offers to take home coffee beans and tea blends, this one included. I wanted to look up where the tea came from and found out that our favorite tea comes from Australia. I definitely recommend Prana Chai!

Stephanie, Germany

Great Product

This chai is the best I have ever tasted! It is a little on the pricey side, but I still think it is worth the investment. The customer service is also exceptional. I highly recommend this product.

Tania, Australia

Love Prana Chai

This is the one and only chai to drink. I ordered and it was delivered within two days. Love to support a locally made artisanal product. Thank you

Kristine, Australia