Everything You Need To Know About Prana Chai’s New Packaging



You may have noticed that there have been a few colourful changes around here over the last few weeks. But if you haven’t, surprise, Prana Chai has had a makeover!

But don’t worry, it’s still the same sticky chai we’ve been hand mixing for over 11 years, just with a fresh new shell. 

Like a hermit crab, we loved our old shell but we felt we had room to grow & improve. We wanted something that felt a little bit more like us, reflected our purpose as a brand, and was better for the environment. 

To create these ideas, we didn’t just use what WE wanted Prana to be, but we spoke to a group of Prana Chai drinkers about what they felt Prana meant to THEM. And this was our outcome:


Prana For Everyone: 

Prana Chia’s original aim was to create amazing chai and to share that amazing chai with the world. No matter who you are, where you are from or what you do in your day, Prana is there for everyone to enjoy.

Calm vs Crazy:

Life is busy, especially over the last few years, but Prana allows you a ceremonious moment to take five minutes out of your busy day to relax. 

Prana is my lifeline:

This came from Prana drinkers expressing their need to have a chai everyday, a guilt free addiction that not only feels good, but is good for you.

Warm Hugs:

There was one conclusive feeling that everyone told us they got when drinking Prana, and that was a warm hug. 

Doing the Calm
For a lot of our chai drinkers, Prana has become something you have in order to find a moment of calm during the day. Synonymous with relaxing in a bath, reading a book or having a minute to yourself.

Our second main aim of re-branding our packaging, alongside portraying these values, was making our packaging more sustainable. While our old packaging looked rustic and papery, it actually had a foil lining and glue sealant that made it extremely difficult to recycle. We wanted to do better than that, so we changed our materials to soft plastics which were 100% recyclable in soft plastic recycling. 


But we are here to be honest, and unfortunately, shortly after our new packaging was launched the soft plastics recycling company that we were working with dissolved. There is currently a lot of research going into soft plastic recycling in order to fill this gap from companies and we are working hard towards a positive outcome. And despite this set back, our new packaging is still a step up from the old material.






We have received amazing feedback over the last few weeks and appreciate all the support we have received. If you have any other questions, please reach out to info@pranachai.com.