Prana Chai Banana Smoothie

200ml cold brew Prana Chai
1-2 Bananas cut in 4-5 pieces
Nut Butter of your choice 20-25 grams (Peanut, Almond, Macademia etc) You can skip this if you have allergies, the taste is still great.
Ice cubes (1 if you like your smoothie thick or more if you like it more watery)
For Cold brew Prana Chai
To end up with 200 ml of cold brew, use 1/10 ratio of Prana Chai to Nut milk. 
So in this case we use 20gr of Prana Chai to a 200ml of nut milk. In cold brew flask or in a jug. Put it in the fridge for at least 4 hrs or even better overnight.
In the morning separate the liquor fromn the chai and you are set to go.
How to make:
Put everything in blender and mix on medium speed till it is consistent all over.
Decorate or just have it as is.
Enjoy :-)