Blue Sky Iced Chai Recipe



A combination between an Iced Chai and your morning smoothie, this drink is as delicious as it is stunning, move over Starbucks Pink Drink, here’s Prana’s Blue Sky Iced Chai.


As well as being tasty, it has the added benefits of coconut yogurt which provides a good source of healthy fats and probiotics good for your gut. And Spirulina, a type of algae that supposedly has health benefits out the wazoo (think antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, reducing blood pressure, blood sugar, and ‘bad’ cholesterol levels).


Our friend Nicole Battefeld-Montgomery created this recipe as a seasonal special idea for cafe owners to incorporate in their summer menu. As she mentions, seasonal menu items are a great way to market to new customers, especially when they are as colourful and fun as this one.


Ingredients you’ll need to try it yourself:

  • 50ml of Hot Water
  • 20g of Prana Chai
  • 150ml Oat Milk
  • A spoonful of Coconut Yogurt 
  • A teaspoon of Spirulina
  • A glass of Ice


It’s super simple to make and doesn’t require the blending of a normal smoothie,

1. Brew your iced chai like normal (check here if you need a refresh on how to ice your chai)

2. Add it to a glass of ice with 150ml of oat milk

3. Add a teaspoon of Spirulina 

4. And a spoonful of coconut yogurt (or more depending on your taste!)

5. Simply stir and enjoy!