Cups made from coffee waste? A sustainable option for your morning brew





500 billion disposable cups produced each year globally.
1 billion takeaway cups in landfill each year in Australia alone.
1.7 million tonnes of coffee husk waste each year globally.

The statistics are shocking. Every year, over 500 billion takeaway cups pile up in landfill, forming the coffee industry’s ugliest footprint. Until now, the only attempt to solve this issue has been reusable cups designed for the end consumer. While this helps coffee drinkers ’do their bit’, individually owned cups are not the scalable solution needed to solve this global problem. 

HuskeeCup is a reusable coffee cup that reduces the amount of waste produced by the industry by applying the three foundational principles of sustainability. 

Huskee's reusable coffee cups are as sophisticated as they are sustainable. They were invented to help reduce the waste that the coffee industry produces.  

Their reusable cup isn’t any ordinary cup. This is because they have used coffee husks as a raw material! This is an organic waste material that is produced at the milling stage of coffee production. Thus by supporting the Huskee Cup, you’re helping us to recycle hundreds of tonnes of waste from the production of coffee.

HuskeeCup features up to 50% coffee husk (waste) in its raw material. The binding agent, polypropylene, allows the cup to meet demanding food grade quality standards, whilst being highly durable and recyclable at the end of life through their closed loop system.

HuskeeSwap for cafe’s & coffee drinkers on-the-go

To help further solve the issue of single-use takeaway cups, Huskee has also created a global community of cafes and coffee drinkers who swap and exchange these reusable takeaway coffee cups. This helps alleviate waste and also makes life much easier. Every time a customer orders a coffee, they will receive it in a new freshly cleaned cup. No more forgetting to clean your cup or leaving it at home in the sink!

You can buy this reusable coffee cup easily from our online store.

Text from Huskee