All About Rose Tea


Roses aren’t only loved for their beauty and their connotations of love, but alsofor their reportedhealing properties, particularly when drinking it in tea! 

Origins of Rose Tea:

Having beencultivated for thousands of years rose tea is said to have originated in Ancient China and has been used consistently throughout Traditional Chinese Medicine practices for its huge range of reported benefits.

Rose petals have also been used in other Ancient Civilisations such as Persia and Egypt, for their fragrance as well as being made into oils and perfumes, which is the more common, modern use of rose petals!


Rose petals are high in phytonutrients which is a plant compound with antioxidant properties, it also contains levels of:
  • Vitamin C
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
Rose tea is said to help support immunity through its high levels of Vitamin C, which aids the body’s ability to fight off viruses. It has also been used to help with menstrual cramps and digestion through its makeup of vitamins and polyphenols which support anti-inflammation, helpful with cramps, bloating & improving digestion!



Types of Rose Tea:

Rose tea can be made from either the rose hipor rose petals. Rose hips are the seed pod or fruitleft behind after the flower has faded and are often sweeter and stronger in flavourthan petals. Rose petals on the other hand can be used dried or fresh to make tea.

Rose Chai Blend:

Our Rose Chai Blend mixes organic rose petalsinto our Original Masala Chai, which contains whole spices, black tea and Australian honey. The rose petals enhance the sweet flavour with a subtle, earthy hint and boost the natural health benefits already found in chai!