All About Cacao


With our Choc Mint Chai Christmas Blend finally out and about for the 2023 holiday period, Cacao has been flooding the factory!

Made by combining our refreshing Peppermint Blend with Living Koko's organic Cacao husk, our Choc Mint Chai is a beautifully sweet yet subtle blend.

While you probably know all of the benefits of drinking chai by now... it's great for your gut health and digestion, contains whole spices with fantastic anti-oxidants and can be anti-inflammatory, but Cacao also has incredible benefits that not many people know about!



Luckily for us, Living Koko know all about the benefits of cacao, as they come from Samoa where drinking cacao is not only the national beverage, it is an integral part of their community groups and social interactions. Cacao or Koko, has been used in Samoan culture for centuries and we are grateful to have been able to collaborate with Living Koko to bring the benefits and incredible taste of their cacao to chai lovers! 



So while Cacao beans are tiny, they are incredibly mighty! They rank as one of the world's best sources of natural antioxidants, vitamins and minerals by weight, and contain more antioxidants than acai, goji or blueberries.

Cacao also contains perfect amounts of vitamins to ensure them beneficial when drinking, such as Magnesium for muscle and heart health, Iron for blood and energy, potassium for regulating blood sugar, as well as zinc which supports immune system and metabolism. 

Another benefit, more commonly known, is that Cacao helps your body release natural chemicals to boost your mood, a reason why you might turn to chocolate when you are sad. Organic cacao stimulates the neurotransmitters in the brain to release serotonin, dopamine and endorphins. 



We learned all of these incredible benefits from Living Koko, so if you want to know more about the cacao process and see their incredible organic products you can find them here.