A Cup of Chai With – Nicole from Nutrition Republic

Nicole Nutrition Republic

Tell us a little bit about your cafe—what is the ethos of your business? What was the inspiration for opening Nutrition Republic?  

    Nutrition Republic was born from a desire to only consume real, wholesome and nourishing food based on my husband’s and my personal health experiences and journey to wellness.

    Our vision was to create spaces where people become healthier, happier and more conscious so they can live life to its fullest. We offer products, services and a customer experience that aligns with our vision for health and happiness. This essence flows throughout everything we do, in every way, for everyone; it is our responsibility, our passion and our gift to the world. 

    We believe in a better world: a healthy and happy world. Our menu is simple and nourishing, predominantly plant based, with all food items being gluten, dairy and refined-sugar free. This is the way it will always be. We only use real, natural, minimally processed ingredients and source local, organic and chemical-free ingredients where possible. 

    100% complete transparency is one of our highest values. Our menu has been thoughtfully created to provide flavoursome nutrition, inspiring people to consume consciously and nutritionally.

    We can see that you are into health and wellness. Do you have any tips for people who want to improve their quality of life? 

    • Eat more real and wholesome food. It helps if you just keep adding in the good stuff until you crowd out the bad stuff.

    • Move often and get outside when you can!

    • Laugh daily.

    • Connect with your friends and family.

    • Drink lots of water. 

    What are your top three Instagram accounts and why do you like them?

    That's a hard one. There are so many amazing accounts and my favourites have definitely changed over time depending on where I am in life. Right now I'm loving following:

    @spoonful_of_sarah: she's just so real, raw and inspirational—the ultimate #girlboss

    @garyvee: I love his passion and no-BS approach to work and doing what you love

    @lewishowes: I'm a huge fan of his podcast too! He connects so deeply with his guests and always shares nuggets of gold with everyone on Instagram.

    What is your wildest dream? 

    To travel the world sharing the Nutrition Republic vision.

    What are you grateful for right now? 

    Simplicity. Evenings at home. 

    Where can people find you on a Friday evening?

    Either hanging out at our Plant 4 Bowden cafe or at home cooking dinner for hubby and I and watching a movie!