Prana Chai
Decaf Blend 100gr

Prana Chai


Welcome to the family, Decaf. 

It's our Original Blend with just as much zing - without the caffeine! 

It’s a comforting tea quite unlike anything you’ve ever chai-ed. A Goldilocks combination of whole spices and honey - not too spicy, not too sweet. Prana Chai Decaf Blend beautifully balances smooth and spicy, with the same rich full flavour you know and love from our Original Blend.

Our loose leaf black tea is decaffeinated using the CO2 Method, which preserves the flavour and health benefits. The tea leaves are combined with a naturally occurring gas, carbon dioxide; the CO2 attracts the caffeine molecules and removes them from the tea. As the flavor molecules are larger than the caffeine molecules, they remain intact, preserving the delicious flavour of our full bodied black tea!

Our Decaf Blend is lovingly handcrafted in Melbourne with premium decaffeinated black tea, whole spices, and ginger. This wet chai is coated with 100% Australian pure honey to bind all the aromatic flavours together.

To preserve the Prana (life force) in every cup, our blends are made with all natural ingredients, without artificial sweeteners, preservatives or additives.  

Trying our Decaf Blend for the very first time? Our 100g bags are the perfect way to fall in love with our award winning sticky chai. 

Serves 5 cups per 100g.

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How to make Prana Chai at home


Place two or three heaped teaspoons (20gr) of Prana Chai into a Turkish pot.


Fill with one cup of your favourite milk (we recommend Soy milk).


Stir until it is hot (but just before simmering).


Using a mesh strainer, pour your tea into your favourite tea cup.

Prana Chai Decaf Blend 100gr Ingredients

Ginger Root

Pure Honey

Black Tea





Star Anise


Not too spicy and not too sweet. Prana Chai Decaf is exceptionally well balanced and easy to drink. Layered smoothness and sophisticated spicy finish make a unique taste profile - without the caffeine. 



Cold brew



Helps reduce nausea, prevents bacterial infections and supports proper digestion. Honey is a good antibacterial and a wonderful unprocessed sugar source.

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