Only The Good Staff – AJ from Prana Chai US


AJ Prana Chai USA

Hi AJ!

Welcome to the Prana Team AJ! How are you feeling about the Prana team so far? Who annoys you (be honest)?

Nobody annoys me at all! I think everyone is really cool and I love the Australian accents! The time difference is something to get used to - I’m not used to having video team meetings at 5pm (my time)!

Tell us a bit about your experience with specialty coffee and hospitality before joining Prana Chai?  

Before working with Prana I worked for years in coffee wholesale. I drank a LOT of coffee so switching to something more healthy and with less caffeine is a great benefit to this job!

What gets you up in the morning? What are some of the exciting things happening in your life?

You know what gets me up in the mornings? My cat Sampson. As soon as the sun cracks through the blinds, he’s meowing constantly for food. Some exciting things: I do a lot of stand-up comedy and sometimes end up on random reality TV shows!

What are three questions that you wish people ask more and why? 

I wish people would ask other people how they’re doing.  I want people to ask why Prana Chai is the best because I can go on a huge tangent about it. I also want people to ask me about my tattoos (rather than stare at them).

What is your favourite ways to enjoy #OnlyTheGoodStuff (Prana Chai)? Share your recipes with us! 

Waking up late on a Sunday, watching football (American football) and a cup of Prana with oat milk. Soooo good.

What do you want to achieve before 2019 ends, and what do you need to let go of to achieve this?  

Hummm good question. I want to be able to do stand-up on a larger stage and to get there I need to get past my fear of not being funny. I mean, I know I am, but I’m always worried someone won’t laugh.

Where can people find you on Sunday at 3pm? 

In the fall - at a bar watching football. In the summer - guaranteed at the beach or at a BBQ.