It's International Coffee Day! Try these Perfect Chai and Coffee Pairings

For most of us, we could say that coffee day is every day! However, International Coffee Day is recognised on September 29 or October 1 in a number of countries around the world. We couldn't let this international celebration of one of the world's favourite drinks pass without highlighting some of the ways Prana Chai can be a great partner to coffee. 

While Prana Chai blends are the perfect coffeeshop drink for those who don't drink coffee, for those of us who do, you don't need to choose between one or the other!

Check out the recipes and ideas below on how to pair coffee and chai. 

1. Dirty Chai

A delicious milky spiced latte with an added shot of espresso, it's not clear where this delicious blend originated from but it's been known and loved on cafe menus in our hometown of Melbourne for decades! Now becoming more popular overseas, this is a perfect marriage of flavours, caffeine, with just a hint of sweetness. We like making it with our Original Masala blend - it's super easy, just follow your preferred Prana Chai brew method and add a shot of espresso or strong coffee at the end!

2. Vanilla Chai White Russian

When it's time to get boozy, you can swap out your espresso shot for an espresso or coffee liqueur, such as Kahlua. This cocktail is the perfect accompaniment to a weekend brunch menu, or for all day eateries that are looking to consolidate ingredient purchasing. Use one chai blend on your menu from morning to night! Check out the recipe for a chai white russian with espresso liqueur here. 

3. Whipped Chai Dalgona

Yes, it's 'that' whipped coffee with a spicy chai twist! Recently, the internet went crazy for a whipped, meringue-like coffee concoction originating from South Korea, India, and Pakistan - and Celeste Wong (The Girl in the Cafe) took her favourite Prana Chai blend and adapted the recipe for a Dirty Chai Dalgona (and adding some Bailey's for good measure). A perfect unique cocktail (or take out the Bailey's and replace with milk for a 'safe for work' version!) that's sure to excited every coffee fan. Get whipping and follow the recipe here!

4. Dirty Chai Brownies

Image from Gemma's Bigger Bolder Baking

Coffee and chai aren't just for drinking! Coffee is a frequent addition to fudgy, rich brownies and chocolate bakes: science baking magic means that coffee enhances that rich, chocolatey flavour. But adding chai takes it up to a whole new level - tea also boosts the chocolate flavour, while adding a warming spice note to your bake. Check out these delicious Dirty Chai Brownies from Gemma's Bigger Bolder Baking!