Insider Scoop - Prana Chai Conference 2019 Prana Chai World 04/19


We feel extremely blessed to work with these crazy, fun and passionate people from different parts of the world, and our week long conference was no exception.

It was fantastic to share all the tricks of the trade we had learned, to talk about common struggles and learn new skills for the game, but most of all, it was just good to get to know each other on a deeper level.

We are spread all over the world but we are still one big family. 


We are going to be sharing #OnlyTheGoodStuff at the Seoul Coffee Expo from 11th to 14th of April and Tokyo Coffee Festival 13th and 14th of April so if you happened to be either of Seoul or Tokyo please drop by and have a cup of chai with us :)

Shanghai Coffee Festival 2019 (1st - 4th April)

This is from the recent Shanghai Coffee Festival which was humongous according to Vinny!!!! Vinny (one of the founders) was there to support our partners in China.

He found lots of great stuff happening there in the industry and many opportunities moving forward as the younger generation get right into their coffee.

Coffee Fest New York 2019

Brian and the famous sniff test at Coffee Fest New York 2019  which happened in March, Nice work Brian!

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