A Cup of Chai With – Erin Kyna

We had a cup of chai with Erin Kyna from Erin Kyna Life Coaching, Ultimate Human Foundation, former yoga and meditation teacher at Australian Yoga Academy We interviewed her in this edition and asked her morning routine, who inspires her and more:

Tell us about your business and what you do.

I am a transformational coach and healer, and I bridge the worlds of science and spirituality. I teach and heal from an epigenetic basis, which means I am able to help people understand who they are from a genetic level, and how the world and the environment impacts their gene expression. When you understand your uniqueness and your biology, you understand what you are here on the planet to do.

Through all of this knowledge, and my own life experience, I help clients fulfil their potential, understand their purpose, and live a life in radical alignment.

I do immersion experiences for clients on sacred land around the world, including Bali, Kauai, Mexico, and New Zealand (just to name a few destinations coming up in the next few months). I facilitate their awakenings and help them live the life they were born to live. I am very blessed that my work carries me around the world, I have been a ‘digital nomad’ for the last three years. I honour my own flow and alignment every day, and life and business are all rolled in to one. I don’t have days off, or holidays, as such. Each day feels like a holiday, and at the same time feels incredibly satisfying, and I know I am fulfilling my purpose and potential.

That is an awesome way to live, and I love nothing more than helping my clients create the same.

What or who inspires you?

My greatest teacher is Nature itself. There is a wisdom and intelligence and life force within Nature. For as incredible as humans are and what we can create, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature. When we can live in alignment and harmony with nature, life becomes an incredible journey rather than a push and a struggle to survive. Epigenetics has taught me so much about the difference between adapting or tolerating an environment, and thriving.

I have lived a life of adapting, of struggling and pushing and feeling tired and depleted all the time. Stressed all the time. Worried all the time.

Now that I understand my nature and epigenetics, I understand exactly what I am here to do, and what I need to thrive. I no longer struggle or adapt.

I witness the most incredible Nature as I travel this planet, and sometimes it moves me to tears with it’s beauty, it’s intelligence, and it’s innate harmony.

I am also deeply inspired by some of our greatest teachers of love. Humans who have made an incredible impact on our world through their love of the people, and desire for peace. My favourites include Mother Theresa, Ghandi, and Nelson Mandela.

On a daily basis I am inspired by human brilliance. When I meet someone who I can see is sharing their brilliance with the world (we all have brilliance), when I can see their spirit, I find their energy and passion contagious. Nothing inspires me more than seeing someone doing exactly what they are here on the planet to do.

We heard that you also taught / teach yoga and what does yoga mean to you?

Yes, yoga has been on of the stepping stones on my journey to who I am and where I am today.

As I now live out of a suitcase and no longer have a home base, my practice is not a consistent studio practice as it used to be.

I have had so many yoga experiences around the world, from traditional yoga in ashrams in rishikesh, to modern twists on yoga, including marijuana yoga in Portland Oregon (seriously!)

Everyone has their own ideas of what is right and what is wrong, and I would say that is what Yoga is NOT.

I come across a lot of righteousness and judgement through all these different yoga experiences, of who is doing it right, who is doing it wrong. I would say, whatever gets students onto the mat is the right type of yoga for them.
There is no one right way to practice yoga. We are all unique and all have different needs at any moment in time. What was right for me once, is not right for me now, and what is right for me now, is likely to change again.

I would love to see more acceptance in the yoga communities of all expressions of yoga, including the ones that don’t even require postures or asana.

I would love to see everyone accepting the world and all the beautiful, weird and wonderful expressions of yoga we have, and all of us living in peace and harmony (I dream big).

According to the yoga sutras, Yoga is the state attained with the cessation of the fluctuations of consciousness (my teachers will b be proud I remembered that one!)

Anything that stills the mind, and grants you access to the greater part of yourself, is a yoga.

That greater part of yourself, when you access it, feels like complete peace, complete relief, and joy. It’s bliss. It’s incredible. And there are so many ways to access it. So to me, Yoga means to connect with god/source/consciousness. In what ever way is available to me in any moment in time.

Do you have morning routine?

Most importantly, it is to not wake up with an alarm. I always allow my body to wake up naturally when it is ready, and I take my time and enjoy a slow and peaceful morning. This is really important for me from an epigenetic level, and I have have to overcome a lot of self judgment of being lazy or unproductive.

However, now that I have been living like this for a few years I see exactly how powerful it is to take my mornings to myself and slowly gear up for the day.

My mornings include connecting with loved ones around the world, a coffee, music, and gratitude.

What is the most exciting project or adventure this year?

Ohhhh… it is all exciting to be honest! There is no one part of my life that is significantly better than another, and the flip side of that is that there is no bad side to my life either!

It is all good, and all exciting and all wonderful.

I have enjoyed being in Bali for a few months (that’s a long stay anywhere for me!) and am looking forward to going to Kauai next.

I just watch life unfold before my eyes, and as I follow the guidance and listen to the inner calling which leads me around the world, my life surprises me and excites me every step of the way.

Often I think my life is like a movie… I never could have planned it. I never saw this coming. It is awesome plot twist after plot twist, and I just take my hands off the steering wheel and let life itself take me where I am needed!

Where can people find you Friday evening?

I actually don’t know what day it is most of the time, I just use my calendar to let me know when I have client sessions booked, but apart from that, there are no on days or off days.

So any evening you can find me somewhere in nature, appreciating the sunset, enjoying delicious food, and some great social connection.

When I return to Melbourne for a few days in March I will be hosting an evening called Entering The Wild Stream: How to live a life of radical alignment, at Madam Heap. That’s how I will be spending my Friday night in Melbourne, with a bunch of incredible people talking about all of the wonderful things we have shared here today!

Where can people reach you online?

Instagram, FB, Website or email:  erin@erinkyna.com