How to deal with uncertainty (COVID 19)

Life has shifted for millions of people around the globe. As a lot of us begin to adjust to the practical side of our new routines, we all need to remember to take care of our mental health, too. If you have been feeling anxious or worried about COVID-19, you are not alone. It is so important to check in with yourself and your mental well-being during this time so that you can stay grounded. We are all in this together!

We have collected some tips & ideas for this ever-changing and uncertain time. 

  1. Consider setting a limit on how much you consume news: while it is important to get informed, getting too much conflicting information from the media will likely add more stress than clarity.
  2. Stay home while staying connected! While it is essential to follow the social distancing in place, it is important to remember that staying in contact with your loved ones. You can still connect out over the phone, email or skype - thanks to technology! How about a chai date over skype with your friends and enjoy the little things? 
  3. Create a new routine.  If you are not used to working from home, it might feel completely weird & unproductive. Set an alarm to make sure you have working hours just like when you work in the office. 
  4. Separate your sleeping space and working space. If you’re working from bed, it can become more difficult to fall asleep since your brain will think you’re in a place of work.
  5. Find other things that you can do at home - how about cooking, reading, playing games, cleaning up the entire house, watching movies, virtual book clubs, home training with youtube, writing, blogging etc there are endless possibilities! 
  6. Stay present. I know it is so hard given the situation, but when we focus too much on the future that hasn’t happened yet we tend to get anxious. Yoga is a wonderful way to stay present, and from next week we will have Yoga Teachers from around the world share their practice with us right through our Instagram and Facebook channels. Make sure you are following us to join in for free. Speaking of being present, brewing a cup of chai and enjoying the aroma and the flavours will likely help.
  7. We are all in this together. Ask for help or help others in need by showing them you are here. Just a simple message of checking in if they are okay could change someone else’s day.