Easter Gifting Ideas

Easter is almost here, and it's time to get egg-cited about gifting! Whether you're looking to surprise your loved ones with delicious chocolates or a cheeky present, we've got you covered. From Koko Black chocolates to quirky home decor and Easter pyjamas, this blog post will give you some egg-cellent ideas to help you hop into the Easter spirit. So, grab your chocolate bunnies, put on your bunny ears, and let's get cracking with some of the most egg-citing Easter gift ideas around!

Prana Chai Original Blend Starter Box

Get all your essentials in one easy place with one of our Original Masala Blend Starter Boxes. These boxes make a great gift or an approachable starter pack for any Prana Chai devo-teas.

Koko Black The Easter Feast Puzzle Box

Put the pieces together and nibble in-between. This sweet box contains:
  • Sprinkle Egg Pop | Milk Chocolate
  • Hazelnut Praline Triplet | Milk Chocolate
  • Little Eggs | Milk Chocolate
  • 48 Piece Easter Puzzle
LUSH Easter Inspired Products

LUSH is handmade by real people fresh from their kitchens straight to your bathroom. Check out their super cute Easter-inspired product range!
Peter Alexander Easter Collection

Because, who doesn't love a fresh set of quality pyjamas? From fluffy & cuddly to pastel & pink, Peter Alexander have hues of blues and sets for your pets. Family faves and PJ's for days. It's the whole Easter kit & caboodle.

Dusk Easter Collection

Bounce on into the secret garden of baby bunnies and lettuce cups, Easter eggs and carrot tops. Where flowers bloom and spices infuse, into a magical cloud of Easter perfume. From candles & melts to Easter decor, Dusk's Easter 2023 collection will fill your nostrils with piquant aromas. 

Arlo & Co Personalised Easter Collection

If you're looking for a super cute personalised Easter gift then head on over toArlo & Co. You'll find everything from puzzles & hunt kits to bookmarks and gift tags.