A Cup Of Chai With Lloyd Smith - Happy Happy Foods

We had a cup of chai with Lloyd Smith, Co-Founder of Happy Happy Foods. 

Tell us a bit about Happy Happy Soy Boy...

Happy Happy Soy Boy is a premium soy milk, crafted for coffee. Our debut soy milk is designed to work with the acidity of espresso to create that smoother tasting latte.

We get our kicks by creating delicious, nutritious, plant-based products that are happier for you and for the environment. Having recently launched our Climate Happy program, we are proud to announce that our products and people are now 100% carbon neutral as a result of our ongoing commitment to measure, reduce, and offset our carbon emissions.

Our mission is to make plant-based food and beverages tastier, fun, and better for the environment than the products of the generation before us. 

How did you start HHSB and when? 

Happy Happy Soy Boy was born out of a desire to create a plant based milk that performed like dairy milk when added to coffee, without compromising on taste or nutrition. I come from a coffee background so it was really important for me that our product complemented the taste of espresso. 

Happy Happy Soy Boy hit cafés in late 2018 following a rigorous development process. We now stock thousands of coffee shops in Australia, and the Happy Happy Family spans multiple countries in Asia, Europe and the UK.

What was the inspiration?

As my business partner John Cruse says, for a product to truly benefit the environment, it must be nutritionally as good as, if not better than the product it is replacing. Introducing sustainable and environmentally conscious products helps others reduce their impact and that’s really been our inspiration and our goal with Happy Happy Foods. 

Why do you love soy?

Nutritionally speaking, soy milk is the most comparable to dairy due to its high protein content. As I previously mentioned, when moving away from animal products, it’s important to still consider the nutritional value of the replacement. Happy Happy Soy Boy is a high protein, low sugar and low carb product. 

Taste and texture are also a priority for us when developing our products. Happy Happy Soy Boy has that creamy mouthfeel that works so well with coffee and chai, of course.

You mentioned that you’ve recently gone carbon neutral. Can you walk us through that process?

The process was driven by the implementation of our ‘Climate Happy’ program, which is based on three core commitments - Measure, Reduce, and Offset.

Happy Happy Foods has engaged Carbon Cloud, an independent third party emissions consultant, to perform an all-encompassing carbon emissions assessment of our products. Their assessment includes the emissions produced by the cultivation of our raw materials, transportation, manufacture and distribution.

We measure our total carbon footprint on a quarterly basis, take steps to reduce this number where possible and then purchase carbon credits to offset the generated emissions which we cannot reduce.

By introducing formal measurement, we create awareness that inspires us to make consequential improvements and we encourage our employees to reflect this philosophy in their own spheres of influence.

Are you working on any exciting new products you can share?

By the end of this month you can expect to see our latest limited edition pack in circulation in Australia. This “Climate Stripes” carton features a graph which maps the acceleration of the rising global temperature over the past 150 years. 

We have released this limited-edition pack featuring the ‘Climate Stripes’ to highlight just how fast climate change is occurring. There’s never been a more important time to make climate-smart eating habits.

At Happy Happy Foods, we believe that you can never underestimate, on an individual level, how we can contribute to making change.