A Cup of Chai With Barrel One Coffee Roasters

We had a cup of chai with Daniel Agapiou - owner of Barrel One Coffee, and long time friend of Prana. 

Tell us a bit about Barrel One and your ethos
Barrel One Coffee Roasters is a coffee label located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Supported by a highly passionate award winning team of coffee merchants and roasters, we source some of the world’s finest and rarest coffees. Barrel One Coffee backs farmer Co-operatives or Estates which are self sustaining. We back sustainability 100%. We pride ourselves in perfecting the craft and adopt a standard of ethical responsibility by participating in Direct Trade business practises.
How did you start Barrel One and when? 
Barrel One was started in 2012. It was very small and slow start supplying my first wholesale account cafe in Manly. From there the label grew fairly organically. I joined with my business partner Samuel who came on board in 2018. We now operate 3 cafes and a distribution/training warehouse.
What was the inspiration behind starting your business?
I started the label after a coffee source trip to Tanna Island, Vanuatu. After seeing the origin of coffee, meeting farmers and their families I knew I wanted to continue my relationship with the farmers within my own business. 
What has been your biggest challenge in starting your business? 
Selling product in a very competitive market.
What has been your greatest achievement since starting Barrel One?
I would have to say seeing the retail side of the business grow in such a short time. Especially during the pandemic which has been a struggle within itself.
What’s the best advice you were given or gave to someone?
Never stop growing your business and keep your customers engaged within your brand.
What coffee do you drink?
All of them.
Is there a big goal you’re working towards in the future?
To continue doing what I love by building a coffee community for my staff and clientele, who are the back bone of Barrel One.