Chai Hot Chocolate

Chai Hot Chocolate

Make your own spicy and heartwarming Chocolate Chai. It’s not overly-sweet - slightly bitter, 60% deep rich chocolate with a stone fruit undertone.

Cacao and Chai are really just meant to go together!

This recipe is such a beautiful way to up your chai game. Adding a shot of gin or vodka is also amazing - a perfect evening cocktail that’s anything but ordinary - to spice things up.




  • Prana Chai 15g
  • Water 60ml
  • Drinking Chocolate 15g
  • Oat milk (any other milk of your choice) 250ml
  • A little pot like our “Prana Pot” 
  • A strainer 
  • Optional: honey or other sweetener of your choice


  1. Grab your prana pot or small saucepan.
  2. Toss a heaped tablespoon (that’s about 15g) of Prana Chai and 15g ofDrinking Chocolateinto the pot.
  3. Add 60ml of water and pop the pot on the stove and stir it well until chocolate powder is dissolved (for about 1min)
  4. Add Oat milk (soy milk and almond milk make great alternatives) into the pot 
  5. Heat until hot or close to simmering and make sure all the powder dissolves into the milk by stirring it thoroughly.  

Strain into a mug andtop with a sprinkle ofcocoa powder on top & enjoy!