Two ways Prana Chai can help your gut health




It’s 2023, sore stomachs are out and gut health is in. 

With more research coming out everyday on the impacts of gut health and how connected it is to all other parts of our body (especially the brain!), people have been making changes to ensure they are looking after their precious little acid bowls.

After-all, your stomach contains around 80% of your immune producing cells and links to almost every other organ in your body, so it’s pretty damn important!

Lucky for you, and your gut, Prana Chai contains a range of natural spices that have a long history of health benefits, so here are the two main ways these ingredients can help your gut health:


Chai can improve digestion: 

Black pepper, Cinnamon and Cardamon, all key ingredients in Chai, have antibacterial properties that have been shown to help prevent digestive issues, such as bloating, IBS and other symptoms.

Black pepper in particular has been shown to support and potentially speed up digestion by secreting digestive enzymes the kick your stomach into gear and stop it stock piling food for too long.

Similarly, Cinnamon has been known to calm the stomach and fight bacteria that would cause negative symptoms (i think we all know what that means).



Chai can alleviate nausea: 

Another key ingredient in Prana Chai is ginger, which has been used in natural medicines for centuries. 

Ginger has been proven to help fight nausea, and even lessen the effects of morning sickness as it can soothe the stomach by encouraging efficient food movement.

Now we aren't gut health experts, obviously, but we do know a little bit our ingredients so if you want to know more or hear it from actual experts you can find a lot of the studies linked in this article.