Chai 101 – Sticky Chai vs Chai Latte Powder

In our books, there’s only one way to enjoy a chai - the real way. That’s a chai made of an irresistible blend of natural spices and black tea, brewed with milk and sweetened to taste. Just as it’s been served for centuries in India.

But since chai has become popular, there are more and more ways you can buy and brew your cuppa.

Chai Blends & Sticky Chai

Traditional masala chai comes as a spicy blend that’s usually made up of black tea, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and ginger.

These spices are boiled milk to activate a delectable, aromatic flavour that’s classically chai. You can add sugar to taste, but the original chai is strongly spiced and not overly sweet.

We have our own special take on this blend, adding a dash of honey to our PranaChai Original Masala Blend to create a sticky chai. The honey isn’t just a natural sweetener and preservative - it also helps prevent “de-blending”, so every cup of chai has an equal blend of spices.

Chai Latte Powder

Alternatively, you can make your chai from a powder mix. Chai latte powders are usually made up of spices, vanilla extract, and powdered milk. It’s like a hot chocolate sachet - but for chai.

It’s a popular option since it’s so easy to make - just add hot water or milk and you’re set. But you also have little control over powdered chai mixes. They’re often pumped with artificial sweeteners and preservatives to prolong their shelf life. They tend to be much sweeter than a traditional chai.

A third option is chai made from liquid concentrates. But we find these barely merit the chai title at all. They’re normally incredibly sweet and hardly resemble the original chai in any form.

So what’s your pick? A sweet chai powder or the original blend of natural spices and black tea? We know what we’d pick.

Our chai blends contain all natural ingredients, without the additives or preservatives. Shop our complete range of chai blends online today.