Meet the Prana Fam

Here at Prana Chai, our worldwide team of superstars is paramount to what we do. Our team is our family. We're always evolving and building a global family that aligns with the values of our brand. We wanted to introduce the members of our team who make us who we are!

Megan - Senior Sales Director

Megan loves to have a good laugh and is not afraid of a good dress up party! When she's not leading our sales reps across the oceans in Japan, America, UK, Europe and Aus, she's a super mum to her cherubs - getting them to school and their activities. 

Radhik - Factory Production Manager, VIC

Originally from Sri Lanka (the land of tea!) - Radhik moved to Australia 20 years ago and has been part of the Prana fam for 9 years now. He's been making the good stuff right from the very beginning - where he was working nights producing chai. Radhik is our production superstar - ensuring the flavour and consistency of our chai is perfect every single day. 

 Amelia - WA Sales Manager & Global Marketing Coordinator

When she's not spreading the Prana love to the west, you'll find Amelia hanging out with friends, at the gym, renovating her house or spending time with her dog. She's been part of the Prana fam for 5 years and not only is she the face of Prana Chai in WA, she's also our global marketing coordinator! 

Sunil - Factory Production, VIC

Originally from India, Sunil (or Sunzi as everyone calls him) has lived in Australia for 5 years and has been part of the Prana fam for 4 years now, making the good stuff and maintaining production levels in our factory in Melbourne. Growing up drinking chai in India, Sunzi ensures that every single batch of the good stuff is perfectly balanced and always consistent. 

Summer - VIC Sales Representative

After years in the coffee industry as a barista and sales rep, Summer started with Prana after moving closer to Melbourne. She loves being able to stay in the loop with what's going on in the coffee industry which will always remain a passion of hers. In her spare time she loves going out to restaurants and bars and snowboarding & wakeboarding with friends and fam.

Pradeep - Factory Production, VIC

Sri Lankan-born, Pradeep joined the Prana fam almost 3 years ago and is a vital part in making the good stuff every day. He loves working with the team and offering ideas and creativity in the production process. When he's not making the good stuff, he loves listening to music, playing and watching cricket and hitting out badminton. 

James - UK Sales Manager

After spending years in the hospitality industry, James opened his own cafe in Melbourne, where he got to know Prana Chai. Soon enough, he packed his bags and moved to London to spread the word of the good stuff to the UK. 

Bryce - Sales & Delivery Rep, VIC

Originally from New Zealand, Bryce now happily resides in Melbourne. As one of the newest members of the Prana fam, Bryce brings with him 25+ years experience within the Retail Management Industry. A lover of world travel and his dog, you'll also find Bryce swimming, at the gym or enjoying a night out with friends in his spare time.

Lani - Global Marketing Director

Lani has been drinking Prana Chai since the early days, and after moving from her hometown of Melbourne overseas, she's been addictively tracking down the good stuff wherever she ends up. After a decade working in consulting and writing for the coffee industry, Lani joined the Prana team over 2 years ago as Marketing Director. When she's not working, you can find her enjoying the coffee roasters and breweries of Portland, Oregon, where she currently lives.

Kotaro - Japan Sales Manager

Kotaro met Prana Chai Co-Founder Mario working behind the coffee machine of a Melbourne cafe, he steamed the milk and Mario pulled the shots. Before long, he fell in love with the good stuff and knew that he had to get back to Japan and share the chai love with his home country. Since 2016, he's traveled all over Japan, adding chai to the menu of Japan's specialty coffee shops and cafes. 

Yuya - Sales & Marketing, Japan

After spending time in Melbourne learning the ins and outs of coffee culture, Yuya discovered his love for Prana Chai after meeting Kotaro in Japan - after which he joined the team as sales and marketing coordinator for Japan. When he's not spreading the Prana love online and face to face in Japan, you can find him snowboarding, surfing or skating. 

Aaron - Sales & Delivery Rep, NSW

A passionate hospo gun, Aaron recently joined the NSW team after spending years working at various cafes and bars, perfecting his craft. In his spare time you'll catch him out and about soaking up the sun and hanging with his much loved friends and family. 

Vincent - Co-Founder

Filled with vast experiences of traveling the world, Vincent is a self-confessed foodie, a lover of competitive sports and a real people person. His boundless energy is infectious and you won't have a chat to him without having a good laugh. Over 10 years ago, Vincent and his best mate Mario opened a cafe in St Kilda, VIC and began developing a chai blend to be served alongside specialty coffee. 

Mario - Co-Founder

Mario begun making chai in his cafe in St Kilda alongside his best mate Vincent, where they perfected their recipe and shared the good stuff with their customers. When he's not overseeing the day to day operations of Prana Chai, Mario enjoys traveling, spending time with his family and sailing the seas. 

Koray - Co-Founder

Koray joined forces with Mario and Vincent after meeting them at their cafe in St Kilda over 10 years ago, some say fate bought them together to bring Prana Chai to what it is today! He's the type of guy who loves his family, friends and all types of sports. He especially enjoys shooting a few hoops!

Jayde - Korea Sales Manager

A yogi and a foodie at heart, Jayde joined the Prana fam in Melbourne before making the move back to Korea to share the good stuff to cafes all over Korea. When she's not spreading the chai love across Korea, you'll find her sipping on coffee, cooking delicious food or perfecting her lotus pose. 

Brian - US Sales Manager

Originally crossing paths with Mario and Vincent in Africa many MANY years ago, Brian later joined the Prana fam in 2014, bringing Prana Chai to North America. In his spare time, you'll find him spending time with his family, adventuring in the great outdoors, exploring exceptional brews at local cafes and breweries or traveling the world.

Connor - NSW & QLD Sales Representative

Another Kiwi living in the beautiful Sydney, Connor's background is in hospitality throughout New Zealand - from Waiheke Island to Queenstown. After moving to Sydney, Connor continued his hospitality career in a sales role for a boutique wine importer and distributor before joining the Prana fam. When he's not slinging Chai to the people of NSW and QLD, you'll find him at the beach, in the sauna at Icebergs pool or at a restaurant, sharing food and wine with friends.