Earth Day 2022: How Chai Can Help Conserve Our Water Supply

We’re celebrating Earth Day to honour our planet’s clean and natural resources, while recognizing the harm that humans are capable of causing to the environment. Let’s face it: it’s necessary to take (at least) a day to acknowledge that there are ways we can all improve our daily practices in order to make a difference.

Conservation and sustainability continue to be an important topic of discussion—and it’s especially prevalent with Earth Day in mind. As our population increases, we’re seeing a depletion of our natural resources, including water which is perhaps our most important commodity. Only about 0.5% of Earth’s fresh water is available for consumption, so supply conservation plays a critical role in protecting our home.

Did you know that it takes over 237 litres to produce 237 millilitres of coffee? This includes the growing process, harvesting, packaging, delivery, and so on. Chai, on the other hand, requires approximately 1/10th of the amount of water! Chai creates a fraction of the environmental impact compared to coffee.

The future success of our environment relies on protecting Mother Earth. Switching your daily beverage might seem like a small change—though small changes can lead to a large impact.

Reasons to conserve water: 

  • Helps minimize the effects of droughts and water shortages
  • Reduces the energy required to deliver water to communities, homes, businesses, and farms    
  • Makes water more accessible for recreational use
  • Promotes healthy, safe, and beautiful communities