Chai 101 – Can Masala Chai Help You Sleep?

Chai is one of those drinks that really makes you want to curl up in bed with a steaming spicy brew right before lights out. It makes sense that such a heavenly drink could send you into a heavenly slumber.

But is your chai really the perfect bedtime drink? Will it help you slip gently into sleep or will it leave you desperately counting sheep into the early hours of the morning?

Will Masala Chai Help You Sleep?

A warm cup of chai doesn’t contain the same caffeine hit as a coffee (it generally has about a third of the amount of caffeine as a regular cup of joe).

But it still has that natural stimulant that makes it a magical brew during the day - or a potential disruptor come bedtime.

Prana Chai’s Original Masala Chai is made with a mixture of spices and milk - and black tea, which naturally contains caffeine. Caffeine blocks certain chemicals in the brain that help promote sleep. Instead, you’ll enjoy that pleasant energy buzz we all tend to associate with coffee.

Though chai does contain caffeine, its levels may not even be enough to disturb your sleep (unless you’re highly sensitive to caffeine). In fact, chai also contains tannin, which reduces the rate at which caffeine is absorbed into your system.

So instead of an intense burst of energy, you can expect a calm and relaxed but focused state.

But in general, people prefer to drink their mugs of chai throughout the day as a mild pick-me-up. And if you are a late night drinker, it might be best to keep that delectable mug of chai to 3-7 hours before your planned bedtime.

So What Tea Will Aid Sleep?

Certain herbal teas contain flavonoids, which are phytonutrients (or plant chemicals) known to encourage sleep. Chamomile is a popular night-time tea, but peppermint and ginger also contain flavonoids. Why not try our Peppermint Chai and see if it sends you to the Land of Nod?

And if you really can’t resist the divine comfort of a Prana Chai right before bed? Not a problem! Reducing the steeping time can help you decrease the caffeine content by an impressive 80%.

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