The Benefits of Honey in Chai

Apart from tasting great, honey has so many unique qualities. Since ancient times, this viscous liquid has been used in both food and medicine, and is a healthy alternative to refined sugar. 

Honey is rich in flavonoids, which are the largest group of naturally occurring phenolic compounds. A 2012 study found that flavonoids beneficially act as antioxidants, giving protection against cardiovascular disease, certain forms of cancer and age-related degeneration of cell components. 

Studies show that most types of honey produce hydrogen peroxide, which attributes the potent antibacterial effects of Honey. Furthermore, the acidity of most honey has shown to be inhibitory to bacterial pathogens. 
Honey does contain simple sugar, which is mostly made up of fructose and glucose. Hence its use as a sweetener. But, it's fructose and glucose ratio can help the body regulate blood sugar levels. Many different types of honey also have a low hypoglycaemic index so they won’t jolt blood sugar levels either.