A Cup of Chai with Sita Huber

Sita is a passionate speaker and thought leader with a breadth of experience and knowledge that spans clinical practise health media and leadership. Sita radiates a healthy lifestyle and brings back a sense of ease and natural flow to healthy living. Sita is on a personal mission to help people understand what they just googled! With so much noise and confusion in the market, Sita believes we need to relearn what we think health is. Science has changed everything and we haven’t rewritten books. Let’s have a bigger conversation. Your body is not faulty, food is not the enemy. Your body is smart.

Words I live by:

My body is smart. 

What does my morning routine look like?

I wake up and the first thing I do is assess my energy. This tuning in is really important to me. I used to always hit the gym and keep to a routine but now I vary it depending on my energy levels. I find this a bit mentally hard, and sometimes I honestly don’t like the feedback from my body, but it’s ultimately what’s keeping me the healthiest I’ve ever been!

I always make a bulletproof-style coffee with double cream (my only coffee for the day) then usually write, plan or do something creative for an hour. I always feel most inspired in the morning! After my brain has had its burst I do some physical activity depending on my energy. Either circuit training for high intensity or swimming (if it’s a hair washing day!) or my own style of yoga-inspired functional stretching. For me movement is about unblocking energy, moving lymph for detoxification, providing stability for joints and making sure I never have back pain! It’s about creating long term health, never for weight loss. After exercise, I meditate for 20 minutes then make a smoothie. I never get bored of either. Meditating with a smoothie in the belly is the best.

Reasons I love Prana Chai:

Spices have amazing benefits for our health, and Prana are very wise and know all about this! Because they use top quality ingredients (which I’m very picky about) we get not only better flavour and sensory experience, but also all the health benefits. I always teach my clients to look beyond the pretty label and find brands that tick all the boxes, that they trust. Prana has earned my trust!

A goal that lights me up:

I am on a mission to have bigger conversations. About health, bodies, ingredients, what food does. Everything! In order to this, I had a massive hurdle to overcome – fear of public speaking – and it’s transformed me. I now host a tv show called Eat in Love, we’ve made 12 episodes and this was launched in early 2018 and my dream is to keep making more shows and sharing the amazing science of functional medicine nutrition. It really changes lives to understand this stuff, and I plan to make more and more noise about it!

What/who inspires me:

Seeing other women speak up makes me feel braver to do the same. I am definitely inspired by anyone who speaks up and says what’s not ok, stands up for others, and puts the truth first. I particularly love Brene Brown and her work to bring shame into better understanding has changed me. Brene has taught me to really heal and shift my old patterns and become this crazy brave person that wants to be seen and heard!

What I am most grateful about:

I am grateful for my daughter Ocea that I had when I was 17. She helped me strive to be more, and having her to care for made me become a problem solver and I learned to overcome seriously challenging circumstances. I feel like she is an old wise soul that was meant to be in this life on a journey with me. She is a very cool person too, and I’m very proud of her.

The strange/weird things about me:

I moved to a remote island to a community of 30 people when I was 16.  I lived in a shack with no electricity or running water and the fridge was a cupboard to the outdoors. I was also looking after a pet potbelly pig as a pet. His name was Wilbur.

What was the last gift I gave someone:

A scented candle.

Where can people find me:

At the park doing cartwheels, at the beach pretending to surf, at all the specialty grocers spending all my money on food or on Instagram, Facebook and pretty soon online tv!

Website: www.mindbodyiq.com.au

Instagram: @mindbodyiq @sita.huber

Facebook: @mindbodyiqnutrition