A Cup of Chai with Karen from Kaz Morton Ceramic

Meet Kaz, Mornington Peninsula artist, Karen Morton is the maker behind ‘Kaz’. This Master of Fine Art graduate in painting and ceramics uses traditional techniques to create both functional and nonfunctional pieces. Inspired by the simplicity of everyday objects Karen invites us to take a closer look… Unexpected symbols, nostalgic linen and wallpaper patterns feature in her ceramics. In her work she seeks to explore and encapsulate the bewilderment of an undiscovered object or surface.

If you like your ceramics keep an eye on or socials for a collaboration with Kaz. She is making us some wonderful mugs as we speak that will appear in a special christmas gift box in the weeks before Santa arrives. They will be a limited run so stay sharp people!

Here is the conversation with her over a cup of Chai:

Words I live by:

Each day is a new beginning ( from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho) which both my husband and I were reading when we met 19 years ago!

What’s my typical morning routine like:

My day starts at 4.44 with getting my kids organised for school and planning for the day, I usually sit down at about 7.30 with my chai and go through e-mails and compose a list of what We need to get done that day in the studio. At 8 I unload the kilns and am ready for my staff to arrive at 9 then together we reload the kiln and make our way through the lists of things to do. There is always a lot of chat whilst we work and good music in my studio is essential.

Reasons I love Prana Chai:

I'm a stickler for routine, when I sit down in the morning and prepare myself for the day having a chai really sets me up, its calming and now simply part of my routine, kind of like a yoga class for my senses! before the crazy of the day kicks in.

A goal that lights me up:

I love the challenge of pushing my medium and developing a project from concept to finish, there are always trials and errors kiln triumphs and disasters and seeing someone enjoy a piece i have made is second to none.

What /who inspires me:

I am inspired by people who are passionate and create their own pathways.

What are you most grateful for:

My health and the fact that i am doing what i love every day.

The strange / weird things about you (what makes you?):

I'm an eternal optimist and like to fit as much into each day as possible. I strive to find the good in each and every situation. I believe everything happens for a reason, even the bad things! those disasters are the best teachers. I'm a bit of creative chaos, but in my mind it always makes sense. My hair is always a different colour!

What was the last gift you gave someone:

A bottle of Red Hill Estate Wine

Where can people find you:

I stock stores throughout Australia, New Zealand, England, Hong King and USA. I'm very active on Instagram and love that it’s so visual ( insta : @kazmortonceramics) I usually do workshops twice a year and they are listed on my website ( www.kazmorton.com.au) I love to take my medium out there and share the joy of working with Clay.