A Cup Of Chai With AU79, Abbotsford

Au79 celebrates Australian lifestyle, products and producers in one of Melbourne's most awarded and beautiful venues, roasting all the coffee and baking the bread right here in front of you. 

Seating over 200 guests every day we share our passion, highlighting Melbourne culture to visitors from around the world and residents alike.

Nothing should be more important than to take it easy and enjoy the experience of life.

We want you to use our space to celebrate the everyday.

Au79 is more than a café. We are a destination and venue to highlight and enjoy all the unique and important experiences of life, that as people, makes life worth living.
Our aim is for Au79 to bring together, ‘like the periodic table’, all those elements that are associated with the experience of life.

We represent Australian lifestyle culture in all its content, textures and ambitions. 
We endeavour to showcase and create ‘Real Experiences’, it’s from us to you.  

We are opening in Chadstone at the end of July and building has already commenced.

It is essential, just as we know with our coffee, that the experience of your Chai is the same every time. We trust Prana Chai and know that we can continuously get a reliable and consistent product. It is essential in the city that has coffee as its life blood. That any drink on the menu alongside our coffee, is considered and cared about as much as the coffee. With so many cafes these days, our team puts so much time into what they do, to ensure our customers stay happy. Therefore, even our non-coffee offerings must be of the same quality.

Customers love to drink products that are not always coffee based.

However, this has definitely accelerated during the Lockdown. Coffee can leave you feeling a little anxious or stressed, especially if you do not have so much going on in the day ahead. With many people not working, traveling, studying and less commuting around… It is not always coffee that has the answer! Which can be crazy to hear in the City that has coffee at its heart.

Not only Chai, but tea and decaf are also becoming popular choices, particularly in the afternoons or late in the day. Younger customers are certainly purchasing more Chai products now. It may be due, in part, because it is so readily available now. So it is not at all seen as a ‘not cool’ or an older person's option. 

The reality is that we just don’t need to consume so much coffee in a day, which the COVID lockdown period has proven.

We certainly predict this to continue on to the table and even after the lockdown.

Opening in Chadstone, we know our customers here are often in a rush, busy and have a lot going on. A product that doesn’t leave you so worked up is becoming a much more popular option. Christmas shopping with a double espresso running through your veins can be great, but perhaps a cool head can too.

It is also great having more varieties of Chai, with Vegan options becoming so popular and crucial to younger generations.

Everything about the way a Chai product is consumed has changed, the mug that a chai comes in now can be so sleek and beautiful. There is a lot of focus on the beauty of the drink in how it is consumed at the table. This is certainly an extension of how seriously Melbourne takes the coffee and café experience. So drinking chai is a wonderful experience, not only because of the quality of the product. It is also the quality of how it looks, the touch and feel of it too.

We are so excited to be opening up new venues. It has been such a challenging year for Hospitality.

Melbourne culture is built on its food and drink. The history and people behind the whole scene are some of the best in the world. The first thing that anyone thinks about when asked about Australia, is its coffee, food and café culture. Melbourne certainly is the home of this.

If Melbourne is to continue to be one of the world's most Liveable Cities, it will need its Cafes and restaurants to get back on their feet and represent it again.

The whole hospitality industry is built on the staff and environment they create. It is thanks to them, not the Victorian Government perhaps, that the industry is still on its feet now. We are so thankful to have so many good people behind us and around us.

With such energy and passion still around in Victoria, we can see the city returning to its former glory again. 

This will only help create innovation and success back into the industry.

You can visit Au79 at: 

27/29 Nicholson St, Abbotsford VIC 3067