direct support for workers and their families

Without tea workers, we wouldn't be able to make Prana Chai. While we buy our tea from reputable sources, we are aware that even ethical sourcing of tea isn't always enough to disrupt the cycles of poverty experienced by many workers. Due to colonial-era wage policies still prevalent in India, even ethically traded tea could have been picked by workers earning less than USD $2 a day. We, like many coffee and tea businesses, often feel helpless as we have limited control over how the money we pay is distributed along the supply chain.

While we will continue to take ethical sourcing seriously, we wanted to go beyond this and help raise funds and awareness for a cause connected to our industry and close to our hearts. To ensure good governance of our funds we have partnered with Mukti Australia, a registered ACNC charity. Why girls? Because the entrenched poverty of these migrant workers and their families has a disproportionate effect on girls - this, and the fact that all three founders have daughters helped us make that choice.

Every time you buy a 250g retail bag from Prana Chai, we commit to change by donating $2.

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Can you spare $10 per week? That’s all it costs to sponsor one girl in India for education, living expenses, food and shelter, school supplies and uniform costs.

It costs the same in Sri Lanka to sponsor a girl or boy in after school tuition, healthy snacks, health care, school supplies and additional wellbeing programs for the family. Donate today.

we donate $2 from every 250g retail bag sold

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Help us sponsor education for a girl in India or a child in Sri Lanka by buying a bag of Prana Chai, or adding a donation to your next purchase. One day of education, living expenses, food, shelter and school supplies costs just $2.

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