Prana Chai Vegan (Agave) Blend 1kg (Subscription Only)

$64.00 $80.00
  • Prana Chai Vegan (Agave) Blend 1kg (Subscription Only)

Prana Chai Vegan (Agave) Blend 1kg (Subscription Only)

$64.00 $80.00

A big boy for a big family.

Agave Blend is created with the vegans and diabetics in mind. It has low GI and fully consumable by vegans and a healthy substitute for diabetics. The only difference between the agave blend and the masala blend is the use of light agave syrup instead of honey.

Our process is beautiful in its simplicity. We source fresh, whole spices from many parts of the world such as India, Sri Lanka and Guatemala. We crack open and blend these spices with tea and agave, by hand! Then we put it in a bag and send it on its merry way.

All the ingredients are natural and all the ingredients are good for you, it’s an honest product. We do not use machines, additives or preservatives to ensure the Prana (life force) in our product stays intact.

Serves 60 cups per 1kg.

Watch how to make Prana Chai at home.

Download the Prana Chai Recipe Booklet.


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