It’s nearly May, which means Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Whether you are making your mum feel appreciated, taking the time to be appreciated yourself, or remembering a wonderful mum who is no longer with us, it’s a great day to be thankful for those amazing women who bought us into the world.

How will you show your mum you care on Mother’s Day? We put together a guide of some of our favourite places to take mum for a meal and a cup of Prana Chai. If you are looking for a gift for mum, we have the perfect offer for you.

We caught up with Melisa and Romana from The Wild to talk about cereal, making time for well-being, and how their mums have influenced them.

Have you ever thought about what goes into Prana Chai and what makes it taste so good? This month we take a closer look at one of the key ingredients, star anise, and the health benefits this pretty little spice can have on us.


Koray, Mario & Vincent


In need of some inspiration for your Mother’s Day present? Prana Chai and The Wild have teamed up to create the perfect Mother’s Day gift with only the good stuff. Any purchase of our Prana Chai Starter Box before Mother’s Day on May 14th, will include a packet of The Wild Vanilla + Almond Porridge. The starter kit already contains everything your mum will need to make the perfect cup of chai - 250g Prana Chai, stainless steel stove top pot, fine mesh strainer, Prana Chai recipe booklet and Robert Gordon Chai Latte Hug Mug. Mum’s breakfast will be completely taken care of with a recipe for The Wild Vanilla + Almond Porridge using Prana Chai instead of milk. Of course, we recommend bringing it all to her for breakfast in bed, but that bit is up to you.

A cup of Chai with Melisa + Romana from The Wild

The Wild is the cereal creation of business partners and best friends Melisa and Romana. The idea was born out of a 6 month round the world adventure, as the girls took inspiration from the various cuisines and cultures they encountered along the way. The word “cereal” just doesn’t seem adequate to describe the delicious creations the girls come up with in their taste lab, and their “food with purpose” philosophy ensures everything not only tastes amazing, but is also good for you. We caught up with the girls to get their advice on running a small business and what impact their mums have had on their lives.

You were originally working in communications, before starting The Wild after an exciting trip around the world. What advice do you have for those wanting to get out and do something on their own like you girls have done?

(MEL) I would say to plan ahead for savings so that you lessen the stress during the development process, as you can’t rush it and it is likely to take longer than you might expect. Secondly, it helps to work in partnership or group, as it forces you to step up to the plate while also lessening the load on small business owners who have to wear many hats in the course of a day. And thirdly, try to do something you love, as it can get very tricky to pour love into something, day in and day out, if your heart isn’t in it. 

(ROMANA) I guess my biggest learning that is resonating with me at the moment is to be kind to yourself and to trust your inner self. You’re going to go through ups and downs in any business as an owner. I’ve learnt recently that you go from a place of fun to frustration and back and forth for a few years before you reach that place of satisfaction. You have to be clear and sure about why you’re doing what you’re doing, own that and do everything you need to do to make it work. If you’re doing that than you can’t really do much more, so just enjoy the ride and keep learning. Also yeah what Mel said, have deep pockets full of cash to support your lifestyle and the business because everything definitely takes longer than you expect unless it’s pot luck, so start saving for it now. 

You must be really busy handling all the aspects of running your own business, yet health and well-being is such an important part of the The Wild philosophy. How do you make time to practice what you preach and take care of your mind and body, while also looking after The Wild? 

(MEL) I add small and simple things into my daily routine - like taking time to enjoy a superfood latte in the morning while sitting on my couch before getting into any work. I also love oil pulling in the morning as it quietens my house, my mood and therefore my mind. Also weekly yoga and light resistance training are a part of my routine. Walking is also something that clears my head and keeps me grounded during busy times. And I love to learn about health so I’m studying at the moment which is feeding my soul so much.

(ROMANA) I also start my day on the couch cuddling my pooch with a delicious prana chai latte…jokes…..caffeine. I start my day with caffeine (Mel’s a little more advanced on the health front than me). After that I take my dog out for a walk. I find starting my day with a walk clears my head and sets me up for the day. I’m always very mindful when I’m out walking too so I definitely take the time to enjoy my surroundings, whether it be the autumn leaves falling, the breeze or the sun on my skin, or my crazy, silly dog and what he gets up to. I also make time to go to the gym 3 times a week to work out free weights or HIT work-outs. I like a good sweat session, and the feeling you get afterwards. 

What was the best advice your mother ever gave you?

(ROMANA) My mum is a very wise woman! She always told me that if I was shopping and I really liked something to walk away, if you’re still thinking about it after an hour, go back and get it ;) 

To be honest it’s not so much the advice that my mum has given us as her kids that sticks with me. She has given us kids so much unconditional love and support throughout our lives and so much of herself that we innately know that we are strong individuals, capable of doing whatever we want to life, and that no matter what, everything would always be ok. She is a strong woman, tough on the outside but soft like a marshmallow at her core. 

How has your mother influenced your life?

(MEL) My mother passed away over 2 years ago but her influence on my life is only getting stronger. It has lead me to question what happens when we die. And from there I have discovered so many amazing teachings that have helped me and inspired my own path. I really admired the love my mother had for my brother and I, so I remind myself often how it felt to be loved by her, and everything feels a lot easier when I remember. 

Where do you take your mum for Mother's Day?

(ROMANA) I spoil my mum and myself to a pampering day of massages and facials. Last year we went to Sakura Lounge and Spa which is a Japanese day spa in the city, it was lovely. This year I’m thinking we’ll go to Red Hill Spa and I think my sister will come to this time. To me it’s not just about giving her a present, I like to spend time with my mum on Mothers Day so we do it together.


Want to do something special for mum on Mother’s Day? We have you covered with a guide on some of our favourite places to take our mums for a brunch, dinner or a cup of Chai.


Chez Dre – South Melbourne

For the mum with a sweet tooth, head to Chez Dre for the pastries and French inspired desserts. Pastries are made daily using French butter, and the desserts are crafted using French Patisserie techniques. They have a tempting all-day menu too, so you can take her for a delicious breakfast or lunch. Just make sure you leave room for dessert.

Pelican – St Kilda

Mother’s Day brunch can be a bit hectic in many places, so you might want to opt to take mum for a later meal. Pelican in St Kilda is just the place – they do breakfast and lunch too, but coming for dinner means you can miss hordes of people treating their mum on Sunday morning. The internationally inspired menu of sharing plates lets you and mum graze and catch up, which will be much more relaxing than waiting outside for a table at 9am. 

The Winey Cow – Mornington

Whether you have taken a weekend away to Mornington, or live in this stunning part of Victoria, your mum will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of this café/restaurant on the main strip of town. The three defining principles that guide this place – freshness, friendliness & family – more or less describe the principles that guide most mums we know. The brunch menu offers delicious classics, or wait until later to enjoy a casual dinner.


Harvest Espresso – Victoria Park

If you are in Perth, brunch at Harvest Espresso in Victoria Park is the place to take your mum. Owned and run by a husband and wife duo, the food here is always exceptionally well presented, making it incredibly Instagram friendly. But you can’t just make good looking food and be this popular, the dishes here taste fabulous too. We love a menu that changes seasonally, ensuring you get the best produce available for each time of the year, and Harvest Espresso do this very well. 


Huxton’s - Bronte

This one is for the adventurous mums out there, the one’s who don’t mind the idea of a calamari hot dog. We aren’t going to assume that someone who was a private chef for Russell Crowe is good enough for our mum, but the food here is both original and of superior quality. While it has a relaxed take out vibe, and seafood does feature heavily on the menu, this is nothing like your local fish and chip shop.

Factory Grind – Surrey Hills

With hands down the best website we have ever seen for a food joint, Factory Grind is just as creative and funky in real life as online. This spot is best for the traveller mum, as brunch menu classics are given an international makeover with fresh and flavoursome ingredients. Breakfast is served all day, so it doesn’t matter if your mum (or you) is a bit of a late riser.



Only the good stuff – what goes into your Prana Chai

Star anise is that pretty mahogany coloured spice in the shape a star, which adds a distinct liquorice flavour to your Chai. Growing from an evergreen tree originating in China, and it has many uses in Asian cooking and is also traditionally used in Chinese medicine to treat a number of common ailments.

Traditionally, star anise was used to balance female hormones, treat colds and flus, and enhance blood circulation. Now modern science has tested out some of the old Chinese beliefs surrounding the attractive spice, and given weight to the ancient claims of its beneficial properties.

In treating common illnesses such as colds and flus, star anise has been shown to contain two important compounds. Anethole is a compound with anti-bacterial properties, which is great for fighting the source of colds, while shikimic acid, in combination with quercetin, is used in the production of anti-influenza drugs.

If you suffer from digestive problems, anti-fungal properties of star anise may aid in the rebalancing of bacteria and fungi in your digestive system. Its use as a natural breath-freshener also provides a more appetising alternative to chewing gum.

Chinese medicine used star anise for many ailments relating to female hormones, including regulating menstruation, enhancing lactation for breast feeding mothers and treating infertility. Now science has confirmed the estrogenic properties of star anise help to balance female hormones.

Modern science has now proven what Chinese medicine has long believed about the natural healing properties of star anise. So to start benefiting from this fascinating and delicious spice, just brew up a cup of Prana Chai!    


London Coffee Festival

The London Coffee Festival kicks off in April and we are going to be there show-casing only the good stuff! If you are in London, call into the Old Truman Brewery to say hi and grab a cup of freshly brewed chai. If you can’t make it to the UK, be sure to check in with us next month when we will have all the details of what went down and the latest on the London café scene!