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Hope everyone is enjoying the warmer weather! The day lights are getting longer which means one thing - more time to drink #OnlyTheGoodStuff!

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As some of you might know that we have Prana Chai subscription at the beginning of this year and we have been getting so much positive feedback. Simply choose how regularly you would like to receive “ Only the good stuff”  and that’s it. We look after everything else. You will receive your favourite Prana Chai to your door anywhere in Australia. Not only that, you will also get 20% off.  Sounds too good to be true? You are welcome! We aim to keep you well stocked for any occasion morning or night.

We’re all about sharing the love for the Chai, enjoying the beautiful ritual and bringing it to a modern tea table around the world. Speaking of the world, we just launched Prana Chai in South Korea few months back and we are super excited to share our chai with the vibrant and dynamic people of Korea! We also had an interview with Jayde, the face of Prana Chai Korea.  

We had a cup of chai with J Roh from Black Tribe who aims to contribute to the settlement of the proper coffee culture in Korea through Black Water Issue, Black Water Paper, Black Water Port and Black Water Crunch. We discovered how he got into the business his running, how he came across Prana Chai when he was in Australia and lots more…

We also have lots of exciting news from us here at Prana Chai, including Meet the Team Jayde Hwang” from Prana Chai Korea, Chai Tofu Brownie recipe, and other exciting insider scoops for October.

So get cosy with your cup of chai and enjoy this month’s edition of the Prana Chai newsletter.


Mario, Koray, Vincent and whole Prana Chai family.


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You can cancel or change anytime you wish - so no  obligations!

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 A cup of Chai with J Roh from Black Tribe

This month, we had a cup of chai with J Roh from Black Tribe who aims to contribute to the settlement of the proper coffee culture in Korea through Black Water IssueBlack Water Paper, Black Water Port and Black Water Crunch. We discovered how he got into the business his running, how he came across Prana Chai when he was in Australia and lots more…  

Q: What brought you into the coffee industry and how have you started Black Tribe Co., Ltd.?

I was in charge of branding at Breville (an Australian home appliances brand) when they were launching in South Korea and that is when I was first introduced to the coffee trend and culture. I thought it was a very attractive and promising industry and naturally that experience got me thinking that I would love to do my own business in the coffee industry someday.

After that, I flew to Australia and worked as a barista to experience the leading coffee culture over there, and I started a coffee media business when I returned to Korea with an offer of a Coffee Blog “Black Water Issue” operator.

Q: The most memorable and heartwarming memories or mistakes that you made in your work?

When we first started, we spent more time and energy on the Barista Championship coverage than what we are now. As you know, unlike the top rankers in the competition, in the case of non-qualifiers, their efforts were easily forgotten at the end of the competition, so we made an effort to take photos of all the qualifiers despite of the results of the competition. Then we uploaded to the social media such as Facebook, then when their family and friends see those posts, they were so proud. It was a great reward for seeing it and leaving a good memory for someone.

I can’t think of any big mistakes at the moment but small mistakes happened almost daily. I don’t think this interview will ever be over if I start talking about all the mistakes that I made. haha

Q, How did you first discover Prana Chai? 

When I was working as a barista in Australia, this cool sales person with sunglasses on came in to the cafe and brought out some sticky stuff in a craft bag. That was Prana Chai. Not only the regular customers, but also all the staff including baristas showed interests on the product and we immediately adopted Prana Chai in our menu. We couldn’t think of a good reason not to have it because it was easy to handle, tasted amazing and we loved how it was all natural.

After returning to Korea, I was living my life over here and nearly forgot about Prana Chai, but thankfully Jayde brought Prana chai to Korea and I am so excited about it!

Q, Things that people don't know about you unless they are super close to you?

I am pretty playful and enjoy joking around when I am with close friends but I tend to hide it at first. It is not that I am trying to convince people to think I am serious but  more of the fact that I know I can annoy people around me so much if I am fully myself. haha It is all for you. You are welcome!

Q, Where can people find you outside of your office?

When I am not working, you can find me at my gym, golf driving range, the Homeplus (a supermarket) in Hapjeong near my office. I get a lot of joy through working out and shopping so they are pretty important in my life. House work gives me a sense of peace and makes me so happy. Perhaps my calling is a full-time homemaker. haha. Did you know that there are many men like me?

Q, what make you excited now!

I feel like I will win the lottery this week!

Q, A brief introduction of Black Tribe please!

Black Tribe aims to contribute to the settlement of the right coffee culture through Black Water Issue, Black Water Paper, Black Water Port and Black Water Crunch. We put all of our energy & effort to make everyone thinks that 'coffee culture is better because of Black Tribe'

Follow his journey: 


Meet the Team - Jayde Hwang 

Jayde Hwang Prana Chai Korea

In Meeting Jayde, as like all the best people that come into one’s life, was an act of fate. Through a chance conversation with a mutual friend, the Prana Chai family found its spiritual matriarch.

An absolute health nut with a terrible yoga habit she is a shining light of positive influence for the rest of us at Prana Chai. Jayde began as our in house social media manager and quickly became the voice to our customers helping us to share the ride with you guys. Her intelligence in her field is impressive and her genuine approach is really perfect for us because we like to "keep it real people!."

Around Head Quarters she was the life of the place, always positive, always looking after the rest of us with the healthiest fresh juices and foods she could muster but before too long we realised that her talents were not quite utilised in her role so we offered her a position as the regional manager of our new South Korea operation in addition to being our social media manager.

Like a fish to water she has been fantastic at finding a special place in such an exciting new market.

The Australian crew miss her every day but she is never far from our hearts..

We caught up with her in an interview below....

Q: How would you describe working for Prana Chai and what you like the most & the least like about?

I am super grateful for the amazing opportunity and the people that I am working with. Boys in Melbourne welcomed me with open arms since day one and they are truly authentic & adorable. I love their down to earth, no bullshit approach for everything they do.

Other things that I LOVE would be the fact that their integrity as a brand; we only work with other businesses that are aligned with the values of the company even if that makes less revenue in short-term. Seeing that makes me believe that they also truly value me as a person and as a friend.

The least thing I like at the moment would be the fact that I am not in Melbourne with the team and I miss giving everyone a hug each morning and being part of those inappropriate jokes all day. haha

Q: Whats your favourite way to enjoy Prana Chai?

I love the cold brew chai with Oatly and sprinkle of (oh actually quite a bit) cinnamon  

Q: Your special skills or things about you people say?

  • I make everyone arounds me think they are hilarious because I laugh so much. One of my favourite feelings is when I am laughing with my friends and realise half way through how much I enjoy their existence and how blessed I am to have them in my life.
  • I am very good at multitasking, I can eat breakfast and think about lunch at the same time 👌
  • I think I am pretty fearless in a lot of ways, ie I flew to Melbourne with not knowing anything or anyone 9 and a half years back and settled there and lived like an Aussie. Same thing for me now in South Korea, I am pretty much doing the business for the Prana Chai Korea and a lot of times I am like what the hell….. haha but I quite like to be on the edge, edge into the unknown, into the space that I rely on my intuition and depending on being in the moment I guess.

Q: What is your biggest fear & what do you do about it?

My biggest fear would be definitely Gluten & Dairy in my food.. haha All jokes aside, my real fear is to lose my freedom. I was excited to move to Seoul but I was also pretty nervous about moving back to Seoul because the Jayde who I become last 10 years has evolved and changed in Melbourne and in London. I did feel that I could be anybody I wanted since I did not know anyone to begin with. And as challenging as it was I had to make new friends to spend time & share my life with and I felt very empowered. I did feel pretty comfortable towards the end and that’s when I knew it was a time for the next chapter in my life.

I’ve decided to be more curious about my own country and people rather than having the ‘knowing all’ approach and so far it's been great. My connection with my family is stronger than ever and I am connecting with many amazing people over here. What I realise now is that my home is here in my body. Its neither Seoul or Melbourne its anywhere I go as long as I am in my body & soul. oh I am scared of driving cars….. yeah I know haha

Q: What do you miss the most in Melbourne?

I miss the Melbourne coffee, weekly yoga + brunch spot exploration with friends, Sunday farmers market, hanging out and enjoying the sunshine at the beach. The food and the  community in Melb. They are like a celebration of life and a happy pulse of energy.

Q: Whats excting right now?

  1. I am excited for the winter coming up for skiing
  2. I am super excited about the Prana Chai Korea to settle and grow. It’s been so much fun already and I am learning tremendously
  3. I am excited about my morning coffee tomorrow.

Read the interview 

Doing More with Prana Chai

Chai . . . It’s not just for sipping. There are countless ways to integrate healthful and tasty chai to your everyday life. Here is one for you: 

Chai Tofu Brownie (GF, Vegan)

Prana Chai Recipe Chai Tofu Brownie by Jayde Hwang

Ready in 30 minutes 
Serves 12



  • Organic Tofu 300g
  • Prana Chai 45g (Heaped  3TBSP)
  • Maple Syrup 3TBSP
  • Vanilla Extract 1 tsp
  • Coconut Oil ⅓ Cup
  • Dark Chocolate (Cacao 70% or above) 100g


  • Potato Starch 6 heaped TBSP
  • Raw cacao powder 3 heaped TBSP (No sugar)
  • Baking Soda ½ tsp
  • Pinch of salt (pink or celtic)

*Optional: pecan, blueberries, yoghurt, cinnamon powder


  1. Pre-heat the oven at 180c
  2. Melt the dark chocolate (Bring about an inch of water to a simmer in your saucepan. Set the heatproof bowl in the mouth of the pot, making sure the water doesn't touch the bottom of the bowl. Stir chocolate occasionally as it softens.)
  3. In a little pot, brew 45g of Prana Chai in 100ml hot water for about 2 to 3 minutes and strain
  4. In a blender, place the tofu (drained), maple syrup, vanilla extract, coconut oil, melted dark chocolate  and the brewed tea and blend until creamy
  5. In a bowl, combine all the dry ingredients and mix well.
  6. Make a well in the center of the dry ingredients and add the wet ingredients. Stir until combined
  7. Divide the mixture evenly between the prepared muffin cups.
  8. Bake for 20 minutes, or until tops are no longer wet and a toothpick inserted into the middle of a muffin comes out with crumbs, not wet batter. Transfer to a cooling rack.
  9. When the muffins are cool enough, add optional toppings and enjoy!


  • They are super delicious with a cup of chai
  • It tastes even better the next day
  • If you use silicone muffin tray, no need the paper liners
  • To store, place them in a plastic bag, seal, and store in fridge for 3 to 5 days. To freeze, wrap them tightly in aluminum foil or place them in freezer bags. Freeze for up to 3 months.

Read the recipe

Insider Scoop

PRana Chai in Korea 

Prana Chai in South Korea!

Did you know that we are in South Korea now? In case you didn't know, there are over 17,000 cafés in Seoul alone, putting the city ahead of US coffee hubs like San Francisco and Seattle in cafés per capita. The local coffee culture is changing rapidly and the demand from trend-loving Koreans who want the best in gourmet coffee is getting very high.

cafe show 


It is on 8th Nov to 11th Nov (8,9- trading, 10,11- public)

Seoul International Cafe Show is the most specialized coffee exhibition ever held in Korea. Since 2002, Cafe Show had played the role of a pioneer of new coffee culture and trends in Asia This festival is the most aromatic coffee festival ever, which focuses on coffee, tea, city and culture.

Come by and say hello to us - we are going to be at the D hall on level 3. (D256)

tokyo coffee festival prana chai