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If you are always racing to the next moment, what happens to the one you are in now? This month, we invite you to slow down and give yourself permission to enjoy the moment with, of course, a cup of #onlythegoodstuff. It is our hope that our Chai can bring time to slow down & connect.

Have you tried our Agave Blend that is created with vegans and diabetics in mind. It’s made with organic Agave syrup and it’s delicious.

We had a cup of chai with Kaz Morton, Mornington Peninsula artist, Karen Morton is the maker behind ‘Kaz’. This Master of Fine Art graduate in painting and ceramics uses traditional techniques to create both functional and nonfunctional pieces. We discovered what makes her get out of her bed each morning, words that she lives by, her goals and why she loves Prana Chai.

We also have lots of exciting news at Prana Chai, including meeting the team in Prana Chai HQ, a delicious Prana Chai banana yoghurt icy-pole recipe and a press release & how to make hot chai & cold brew video with European Coffee Trip.

So get cosy with your cup of chai and enjoy this month’s edition of Prana Chai insider news.


Mario, Koray, Vincent and whole Prana Chai family.

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Our Agave Blend is created with vegans and diabetics in mind. It has low GI and fully consumable by vegans and a healthy substitute for diabetics. The only difference between the agave blend and the masala blend is the use of light agave syrup instead of honey.

A Cup of Chai with Karen from Kaz Mortan Ceramic 

Meet Kaz, Mornington Peninsula artist, Karen Morton is the maker behind ‘Kaz’. This Master of Fine Art graduate in painting and ceramics uses traditional techniques to create both functional and nonfunctional pieces. Inspired by the simplicity of everyday objects Karen invites us to take a closer look… Unexpected symbols, nostalgic linen and wallpaper patterns feature in her ceramics. In her work she seeks to explore and encapsulate the bewilderment of an undiscovered object or surface.

If you like your ceramics keep an eye on or socials for a collaboration with Kaz. She is making us some wonderful mugs as we speak that will appear in a special christmas gift box in the weeks before Santa arrives. They will be a limited run so stay sharp people!

Here is the conversation with her over a cup of Chai:

Words I live by:

Each day is a new beginning ( from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho) which both my husband and i were reading when we met 19 years ago!

What’s my typical morning routine like:

My day starts at 4.44 with getting my kids organised for school and planning for the day, i usually sit down at about 7.30 with my chai and go through e-mails and compose a list of what We need to get done that day in the studio. At 8 I unload the kilns and am ready for my staff to arrive at 9 then together we reload the kiln and make our way through the lists of things to do. There is always a lot of chat whilst we work and good music in my studio is essential.

Reasons I love PranaChai:

I'm a stickler for routine, when I sit down in the morning and prepare myself for the day having a chai really sets me up, its calming and now simply part of myroutine, kind of like a yoga class for my senses! before the crazy of the day kicks in.

A goal that lights me up:

I love the challenge of pushing my medium and developing a project from concept to finish, there are always trials and errors kiln triumphs and disasters and seeing someone enjoy a piece i have made is second to none.

What /who inspires me:

I am inspired by people who are passionate and create their own pathways.

What are you most grateful about:

My health and the fact that i am doing what i love every day.

The strange / weird things about you (what makes you?):

I'm an eternal optimist and like to fit as much into each day as possible. I strive to find the good in each and every situation. I believe everything happens for a reason, even the bad things! those disasters are the best teachers. I'm a bit of creative chaos, but in my mind it always makes sense. My hair is always a different colour!

What was the last gift you gave someone:

A bottle of Red Hill Estate Wine

Where can people find you:

I stock stores throughout Australia, New Zealand, England, Hong King and USA. Im very active on Instagram and love that it’s so visual ( insta : @kazmortonceramics) I usually do workshops twice a year and they are listed on my website ( www.kazmorton.com.au) I love to take my medium out there and share the joy of working with Clay.


Meet the team (Insider scoop) Mario Minichili

In their four years travelling the globe, Vincent Conti and Mario Minichilli discovered authentic masala tea throughout the sub continent. Upon returning to Australia they opened a café in St Kilda and began developing a chai blend inspired by those they’d fallen in love with in India. As they perfected their recipe, customers grew to love their chai and fate brought about a friendship with Koray Gencel. The three of them founded Prana Chai and the rest, as they say, is history!

Here is little bit more about Mario...

What are some of your obsessions:

Sailing, my daughter, Practicing the guitar and you tube, mostly sailing channels and videos of craftsmen making things, I love watching people working, especially when they are obviously skilled at what they do, but sometimes I end up watching weird videos of machines making chains or something, hypnotised like a bunny rabbit. can’t look away! can’t look away!

Who/what inspires me:

I’m inspired by my travelling hobo days. I went all over the world for years mostly in the third world and saw a lot of interesting things but what changed my life was the less privileged people I met, so many of them, happy and generous. After meeting so many people like this I realised how lucky I was and now I feel obliged to take advantage of the pure luck that was handed to me when I was born in such a fair and stable country with so much opportunity

Im also inspired by a my finite time on the earth, It pushes me into action. Im often apprehensive when embarking on a new business or adventure. I think most of the time we need to really force ourselves into doing big things so I push myself to take the first steps, most of the time before I'm ready, I’m always talking to myself, something like.... "Marz! buddy, You’re not getting any younger and this life is for living! What’s the worst that could happen, you have a great family and they will always be there for you when you fall on your face, Relax! and just go for it" or something along those lines.

My favourite way to use/enjoy Prana Chai:

I like warming up my chai with soy on a stove, really slowly, when it starts to get warm I use a spoon to take little sips, sometimes inadvertently slurping down a peppercorn right to the back of my throat, sending me into a coughing fit till my eyes water like I’m crying. But most of the time I take a sip every 10 seconds or so till it tastes just right, then I quickly strain it and go outside to enjoy. The game is to catch that perfect brew before it falls off the cliff so to speak.

Strange things about me:

I only ever own two pairs of shoes one pair of runners and one pair of "look at me I’m an adult" shoes, I’ll wear them till I can’t stand the water getting in through the split soles any more. The strange thing is though that I’ll put up with looking like a homeless crack head simply because I hate shoe shopping. Weird right?

My wildest dream / vision:

My dream is to jump on the boat and take my family traveling, across oceans to adventurous places. Just the three of us, reading, playing guitar, watching sunsets, and battling the bad weather together as a team and enjoying the smooth sailing as a family. Home school my daughter for a few years and teach her to sail so that she can feel the satisfaction of passage making and have the sense of freedom that comes with being a sailor. And show her how big the world is and how many fantastic places and people there are to see if you just go looking. And teach her that ANY life is possible.

In reality they will both probably suffer from excruciating sea sickness and hate it. My Fiery hispanic wife will probably threaten me at knife point and force me to turn this fucking boat around before I stab you "hijo de puta" I might need to meet them at every destination after passage making solo. Which would have its own advantages though. Or perhaps I just hide all the potential weapons.

What are you most grateful for at Team Prana Chai:

Im grateful that I’m able to come to work with my two best mates every day, I genuinely can’t wait to get to work. and boy do we laugh, blending chai and paying out on each other, it often ends in fits of laughter.  I reckon we should have a camera in here, It would be the best rated reality tv ever.

Im also grateful that there are so many more diligent people here than myself because I'm a massive procrastinator, and I also have no memory so I'm like a lost child around here basically.  Im often thinking, "Honestly if I wasn't a co-owner I’d have been sacked sixteen times already".

P r a n a  C h a i  R e c i p e:
Chai Yoghurt Banana Icy Pole

These are just perfect for warm weather and healthy, refreshing and easy to make. If you are in the mood for more watery ones you use rice or nut based milk, or make a more creamy rich version use can of coconut milk.

  • 400g sweet yoghurt (or coconut yoghurt)

  • 1 large ripe banana

  • Juice of 1⁄2 lemon

  • 50g Prana Chai

  • 200ml your choice of milk (Soy, Rice, Coconut or Almond) 

  1. Place Prana Chai and milk into chai pot, bring to simmer then turn off heat and let cool and strain.

  2. Add all ingredients to blender and blend until smooth consistency.

  3. Divide mixture into icy poles molds.

  4. Place into freezer over night and serve.


 Prana Chai in Press


Have you yet watched this cool youtube video by europeancoffeetrip & our lovely rep in Sandra? 📽🎬 

They show how to make perfect cup of #onlythegoodstuff hot & cold. European Coffee Trip is an online magazine that explores the best specialty coffee scene in 54 European cities ❤

If you haven't checked yet, please go check & watch it here
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