Prana Chai at the Seoul International Cafe Show

Prana Chai at Seoul International Coffee Show

The Seoul Int'l Cafe Show was a massive success. Thank you so much for everyone who visited our booth!

Simon of Prana Chai serving the delicious stuff at Korea Coffee Show

The response was overwhelming. We were so thrilled to share #OnlyThe GoodStuff with the dynamic, creative and trendy people of South Korea.  We were blown away by how passionate Korean people were about specialty coffee & how open minded they were towards our product, since Chai is pretty new to the Korean market.

Prana Chai Team at Seoul Coffee Show

We even had a lovely surprise visit from the tea family that we get our black tea from.  

Lovely supply chain encounter at Korean Coffee show

Prana Chai was selected as one of the Cherry’s Choice (30 new & hot products) at the show too.    

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