Simon is our new face for the State Sales Manager role - he has been building our Sydney / NSW profile last 4 years and just moved back to Melbourne.  

Simon adds a lot to the team, He’s always coming up with brilliant ideas and ways to save time and effort, and when Simon is on the road everyone gets a big smile on their face when they see him walk through the door. He’s always up for a joke and always ready for a chat. A very lovable person with a huge heart.

- Words that you live by

Sleep when I'm dead

- If you can move to any country in the world tomorrow, where would that be and why? 

Well since I just moved back to Melbourne after 5 years in Sydney, I guess Melb Australia to be around family & friends

- What is your favourite way to use/drink Prana Chai 

Alcohol spiked cold brew

- A side/part that most people don't know about you. (ie personality trait, your hobby, your secret obsession etc) 

Love my fishing and sailing. Anything on water and cooking and eating of course.

- What are your 3 main goals in 2018 

Settling back in to Melbourne

- Finishing the renovation of our house

Moving in

- A word to describe 2017 and your intention of 2018 in one word


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