Meet the team Sandra Saez Pueblas (Insider scoop)

We met Sandra when she was working as head barista at Walk Don't Run cafe in Armadale. She had some impressive experience working in fantastic cafes while she was in Europe and love took her to Australia and now love brought her back to Europe, but this time it was a different kind. Love for The Prana Chai Family. 

Now she is based in Berlin and she is leading the EU market and preparing them for  the Prana Invasion.

Little more about Sandra: 

What are some of your obsessions?

Some of my obsessions include music (what I studied and feel very passionate about), coffee (the field where I have been working for the last 4 years), yoga  (that has given me so much and taught me about self loving) and Peanut Butter (ha! can't live without it)

Who inspires me?

My closest friends, who are not afraid of dreaming big and pursuing their goals in life. Their giving hearts always inspire me to keep dreaming too and not being afraid of the future and what it will bring.

My favourite way to use Prana Chai?

Black with a splash of oat milk.

Strange things about me?

I am always singing no matter what the situation is or the people around me. 

My wildest dream?

To become a famous musician and take all my best friends on tour with me around the world. 

Say hi to her on her Instagram: @Sandra.pranachai

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