Michelle Miggiano

This month we introduce you to Michelle, our friendly UK Account Manager who braves the London weather to bring Prana Chai to the land of Shakespeare and the Royal Family. 

We first met Michelle when she was serving up Prana Chai at the café she owned with her husband in St Kilda. 

She made the move to London, but we caught up with her at the London Coffee Festival in 2016 and the rest is history! Now she is working to move the Brits away from builder’s tea to delicious Prana Chai.

Michelle's story is our story: We make friends along the way with our customers and then end up working with them one way or another. Michelle's approach and diligence has added tremendous strength to Prana Chai brand name and we believe she is a testament to what hospitality front end could achieve without being corporate.

We love you Michelle...

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