New places to get #onlythegoodstuff

Salt - Tokyo.

Prana Chai is not the only Australian import you will find in Tokyo. Famous Australian chef Luke Mangan opened his restaurant Salt here several years ago after successful expansion into the Asian market via Jakarta and Singapore. Home favourites feature strongly on his menu - think Tasmanian oysters and WA rock lobster - but have been tweaked to cater to the international market. And now he is bringing another Aussie favourite to Japanese diners, Prana Chai!   

Eat ‘n’ Mess - London

Remember when having a dietary requirement made eating out almost impossible? Now everywhere has gluten/dairy/sugar free options, it’s hard to recall a time when requesting these was met with nothing but a hateful look from your waiter. Fast forward several years and we now have great spots like Eat ‘n’ Mess, which not only caters for dietary requirements, but specialises in gluten and dairy free products. The creative presentation means everything looks almost too good to eat, and it tastes amazing too. Even those whose stomachs can handle anything will be adopting an intolerance for an excuse to visit here.      

Smak - Melbourne

It can be hard to stand out from the crowd of trendy cafes in Melbourne, especially if you go for a Scandinavian minimalist aesthetic as Smak have done in South Yarra. But the guys here have supported their attractive interior with an original, health driven menu, making it a hit with the locals. They are big on sourcing locally and sustainably (including Prana Chai) and the quality of dishes live up to the expectation set by its name - meaning “taste” in Norwegian.  

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