With summer finally upon us, the cold brew season has started and we are pumped.

So pumped in fact, that we've got a 6 month supply of chai up for grabs to any cafe serving Prana Chai.

Competition starts on November 1st, so check back then to vote for your favourite!

Cold Brew Competition Page

 If you need a refresher on the ultimate way to serve your Prana Chai at your cafe, check out our how-to below. 



So Why Cold Brew?


For over 10 years Mario Minichilli and Vincent Conti have been testing and perfecting their chai recipe. Trialing different milks, spice combinations and temperature variations, all to produce the Prana Chai you know and love today.

They found not only the perfect recipe, but also the perfect brewing techniques, ensuring that you and your customers get the best cup of chai every single time.

They found that simply adding ice just doesn't fully capture the Prana Chai flavour, instead, infusing the milk for at least 4 hours creates a perfect, spiced cold brew that takes only a small amount of prep and can be kept refrigerated at length, making it a quick, easy way to serve in cafe's.


     Cold Brew Recipe Ideas

         Check out some recipe ideas below to inspire your own cold brew drink.


       Prana Chai Banana Smoothie                         Chai Chocolate Mint-ini 

      Chai Smoothie                                                  Turmeric Chai


                Apple & Chai Soda                            Whipped Chai Dalgona Coffee