Lee Holmes is a creator of Super Charged Food, 7 x Author, Food and Nutritionist, Wholefood Chef, Lifestyle Food Expert, Writer HuffPost, Jamie Oliver Food Rev Team. She is a big Prana Chai fan.

What are the words you live by?

  • Live simply, be kind and be real.

What's your typical morning routine looks like?

  • I keep my morning routine super simple! The first thing I do when I wake up is have a tablespoon of my Heal Your Gut powder with a glass of water. Gut health is the gateway to good health, beauty and happiness. I love to start my day with a walk, just me – no phone, no friends and no work! I take a break from emails, from my family and from my chaotic schedule and just enjoy some time to myself. I love walking to the beach and totally disconnecting from the craziness of traffic and my usual surroundings. There’s nothing that motivates me to make it to the top of my hill more than a cup of delicious homemade chai tea!  

Why do you love Prana Chai?

  • I’m not sure if it is because of my Indian heritage, but I’m a little bit obsessed with chai tea. Nobody makes a chai like Prana chai! It’s natural, full of whole spices and hand-made; what more could you want? Every sip connects me to my roots. Plus, it tastes damn delicious.

A goal that lights you up?

  • To inspire people to be the healthiest and happiest that they can be. 

What inspires you?

  • I started my wellness journey because I wanted to inspire others but the funny thing is, they’re the ones who inspire me. I receive emails daily about how my books have changed and transformed people’s lives. This is why I do what I do and, it continuously motivates me to helping others and sharing my story and knowledge.

What makes you worry and why? 

  • Running out of chai tea because it’s my morning ritual!


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