Laura Ford's a food blogger who graduated as a nutritionist/dietitian from Monash University, Melbourne. Her blog is a collection of her food filled life. From the food she eats, the food she cooks, the places she eats and the recipes she loves. We had a cup of chai with Laura to find more about her and to get the lowdown on her love for food…

: What makes you alive?

I am completely obsessed with food! I love it! I love cooking, eating, developing recipes, taking photos of food, dining out, trying new foods; it’s seriously just my favourite thing and gets me so excited. I’m also completely in love with my kitty, Evie, too.

: Words you live by?

Life’s too short for bad food.

: When was the last time you cried and why?

Not that long ago as I always cry when I cut onions! I actually don’t mind it as I can really let out my emotions haha.

: The strange thing about you?

I am obsessed with cats. If I’m not looking at pictures of food, I’m looking at pictures of cats.

: How can people find you and your update?

You can find me on Instagram at @laurafordnutrition or on my blog

: Who’s your IG crush & why?

I absolutely adore @halfbakedharvest@gatherandfeast@talinegabriel and @georgeats. They all have such beautiful food, styling and the most inspiring imagery. I always want to dive into whatever they post and I love that they all have a healthy balanced approach to their eating.

About #OnlyTheGoodStuff

: What do you like the most?

I love the initial aroma of the tea. When I opened the package it smelt SO good! I couldn’t wait to taste it!

: What nicknames would you give to Peppermint Chai / Turmeric Chai?

  •  Peppermint :  Minty magic mountain
  •  Turmeric : Sunshine in a cup

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