We caught up with seasoned author, Kelly Exeter, for a cup of chai.  In our interview with Kelly talks about why she gets up at 4:15am every morning. She shares some great tips on how to reduce stress from your life by making simple shifts in your thinking.

  •  You are the author of three books; Your Best Year Ever, Practical Perfection and 20 Simple Shortcuts to Small Business Success, will there be another book and if so, what will it be about?

Yes there will be many more books hopefully! The one I am working on currently is called ‘Overthinkers Anonymous’.

  •  What tips can you share for people wanting to make 2017 their best year ever?

Activating some of the simple shifts in thinking that I share in Your Best Year Ever is a good place to start I think. Those shifts are:

  • Understanding you are 'better' than no one, which also means no one is 'better' than you. (Dropping your superiority complexes means you drop your inferiority complexes too.)
  • Understand that time is not your enemy, it's just something that needs to be managed more effectively.
  • Creating habits that allow you to achieve the things you want rather than relying on motivation.
  • Approaching scary things with a 'what's the best that can happen' mindset rather than 'what's the worst that can happen'.
  •  What are you passionate about?

Kindness, fairness (which is unfortunate because the world is inherently unfair), creating the space we need to be the best versions of ourselves.

  •  How can people stress less?

Exercise every day, prioritise getting good sleep, understand we are not obliged to engage with every thought that enters our heads, practice mindfulness by taking time to notice the little things in our lives that are 'good'.

  •  You are a runner, reader, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and more. How (and when) do you take time out for yourself?

I know this will be horrifying for many, but I get up at 4.15am each day (even weekends) and the hours between 4.15am and 7am are my 'me time'. That's when I write and exercise and ensure that I enter each day having already taken time out for myself. Back when I wasn't in a position to get up so early, the shower I had in the morning and reading before I went to bed at night were just enough for me to feel that I was having a tiny bit of time to myself each day.

  •  How can people find out more about you?

My website is at http://kellyexeter.com.au and I am also quite active on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kellyexeter and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kellyexeter/