This month, we had a cup of chai with Kat John, she is an expert in positive psychology, self empowerment and Optimal Self Coach. She helps people remember who they are, so they can live a happy, fulfilling and meaningful lives. We discovered her guilty pleasure, what her typical breakfast looks like and what makes her get out of her bed each morning. She shares words that she lives by, goals and why she loves Prana Chai.

Words I live by:

Never be afraid to face yourself. Face what causes you pain, suffering and did-ease because when you do, you heal, you open up and reveal more of who you are.​

Guilty pleasure:

​Spending time alone. I love it!!​ Introverting ​gives me life, energy, answers and insight. 

​What’s my typical morning breakfast look like?

B​one broth, b​rown rice, tuna, 1/4 avocado, coconut latte.

Reasons I love Prana Chai

One word. Delicious! ​

A goal that lights me up:

I have always had a vision of being on stage at Oprah's Super Soul Sessions with lights blinding my eyes, my hand up in the sky feeling the power of God move through me me and hearing a roar from the audience; a roar that says, "YES, Ï remember who I am!​

What / who inspires me

People inspire me. People who have been through pain or experienced horrific injustice and have found the power within themselves to rise up and live beyond what they've been through.​

What are you most grateful about?

My connection to God. I lost it for so long and to rekindle my connection to faith has been the most profound relationship.​

Where can people find you

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