We had a cup of chai with Georgie Castle she is the founder of Citizen Cacao; the most amazing raw, vegan handmade chocolate in Melbourne. It has grown from a passion project to a buzzing little enterprise with her delicious products stocked in speciality food stores and cafes across Australia.

What starts you the chocolate business in the first place?

I began my love affair with Raw Chocolate in Brooklyn NY. I found a chocolate maker at the Brooklyn Flea market called Fine + Raw - one bite and I was hooked so I volunteered and then went full time. When I left NY and moved to Melbourne I brought that love of chocolate with me - and assumed that if I loved it that much - others might too! Citizen was born when I shared some of my creations with a chef who placed an order on the spot! 5 years later it still brings me so much joy!

What brought you to Melbourne and what's Melbourne for you?

I was born in NZ and then spent some years in London and Ireland before moving to NY for ten years. When I left NY some friends wrote to me from Melbourne and suggested I come and check out the food scene over here. I arrived.... and never left! I LOVE Melbourne. I love Victoria as a state and the people here are some of the finest I've met.

Do you have a morning routine?

I wake early and Meditate for 20 mins. Make a coffee and catch up on news before heading to work. I don't have a car so I love the 25 minute walk to my kitchen. I plan the day ahead and enjoy the St Kilda vibes. I stay off my phone because I know I'll be on it for the rest of the day!

Your guilt pleasure and best habit.

Chocolate for Breakfast. Every day. A small piece. Ok sometimes two of REALLY dark chocolate. YUM!  Best habit would be my need for order resulting in epic tidiness. My roommates love that I spontaneously clean FREQUENTLY.

The words you live by?

If it's not a Fuck Yes - it's a NO

Who inspires you?

I am constantly in awe of the small business owners in my community who spend their lives and hearts following their passion. Who fail and keep trying - who understand the need to change and grow.

One sentence to describe your 2018 and your intention in 2019.

2018 has involved incessant and much welcomed challenges. 2019 is about new opportunities and radical change.

Where can people find you?

ME :Most days covered in chocolate in my kitchen at Il Fornaio in St Kilda. The chocolate is available at grocery stores cafes and restaurants all over Victoria and Tasmania!

Website: www.citizencacao.com

Facebook: CitizenCacao

Instagram: @citizencacao

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