Dustin Brown 

What does yoga mean to you and how did you discover yoga?

Yoga is a deep part of my life. My wife Nova convinced me to try a hot yoga class after completing a 30-day challenge herself and after just one class I knew I had found what my body was craving! I fell in love with the yoga practice and it strongly complimented my surfing and Jiu-Jitsu. Yoga has completely changed my perspective to life as well as my relationship with others and myself. It's never-ending and always evolving. Nova and I opened our first yoga studio in Brighton VIC in 2015 and I am now expressing my passions through practicing and teaching yoga every single day.

Where is your favourite place to practice yoga?

I love practicing at our studios, Warrior One Yoga Brighton + Mordialloc. Both communities are so epic! Our studios are my second home.

What gets you up in the morning?

I have a morning routine that I live by. I start each day with Nova and Ninja (our staffy) cuddles, followed by a movement practice and then a 20-minute meditation. This sets me up for the day!

One failure that grew you the most?

I believe all of the mistakes that I have made along the way are lessons that have brought me to where I am. With that perspective then there are no failures, just opportunities to grow! 

Best advice you were given or you gave to someone?

My favourite piece of advice is to trade expectations for appreciation. It's life changing! 

What is one thing that you do that people find strange?

I practice Nauli Kriya every morning! 

Where can people find you when you are not practicing or teaching?

I am a black belt in Brazilian so you'll find me at the BJJ dojo rolling every week. I also love to balance out my yoga practice with bodyweight strength and conditioning so you'll find me at Praxis or the Elwood bars. Otherwise at epic cafes in Melbourne drinking a dirty Prana Chai!

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