1- How did you start your handmade business?

I come from a pretty crafty family so I grew up dabbling in different mediums. I love learning new skills so I occasionally pop across to Melbourne to attend workshops such as screen printing, polymer clay, resin jewellery etc. Thankfully Tasmania is starting to host some of it’s own creative workshops (the handmade talent here is amazing!!) and I attended a hand carved stamp workshop here in Launceston. Thanks to my background in health and wellness (I’m also a qualified barre instructor) merging with my creative side, I stumbled upon the perfect creation - organic hand stamped linen wheat packs. It kind of took off from there adding organic hand stamped linen eye pillows, cushions, napkins, table cloths, table runners, place mats, tea towels and throws to my design range. I am slowly working on some accessories as well.

2- What keeps you awake at night?

How I can improve things for family/friends/myself. I was speaking with some of my students the other day about how we tend to do all our thinking/talking when we hop into bed at night. So I am trying to get all my thoughts down on paper before bed to see if that will help. Fingers crossed!

3- Words that you live by.

Stay positive! The mind is like a muscle. The more you train it to be positive the more natural and easier being positive will be. It will eventually become your default reaction to situations.

4- The biggest fear and what are you doing about it?

I try to never admit to a fear, rather view it as a challenge instead. My challenge would be slowing down. I suffered from chronic illness for many years and my body forced me, quite abruptly, to slow down to the point where it stopped completely. So whenever I’m in a position where slowing down is highly recommend, I kind of flash back to those years and can panic, putting more on my plate to avoid it. To help with that I am working hard on being mindful of the present moment, on being ok with what currently is instead of worrying about what it should be or could be. I am SO much happier and healthier when I do.

5- Your favourite way to enjoy Chai and could you please put Prana chai in one sentence?

Prana Chai is like a hug in a cup. You know all the physical and psychological health benefits you get from a hug? I feel that way sipping a cup of prana chai - it’s good stuff!  My favourite way to enjoy it is steamed with almond milk, a small dash of extra honey whilst sitting outdoors on a gorgeous sunny autumn day. Or inside on a rainy winter's day. Or in the shade in summer with a book. Ok so pretty much anywhere, anytime.

6- What is the question that you wish more people ask & why?

“What has made you happy today?” The world seems to be so focused on the negative. I hardly ever pick up a newspaper or watch the news anymore because there is rarely anything positive being reported. So I think person by person, day by day we can start a whole different focus by bringing our attention and awareness to something good that has happened to us in our daily lives. It doesn’t have to be anything huge - most of the time the smallest things can bring the greatest joy. Today for example I had a reeeeeally good cup of chai which made me happy. I also got the giggles in class with a student who had insanely tight glutes who renamed the double pigeon pose the “flailing pigeon”. Try it for yourself. Set a goal that every day for one week ask someone (or even yourself) what has made you happy today and see what happens.

7- What's your biggest goal this year and how can people find you?

At the beginning of this year I set the goal of living life at an easy going pace. That is huge for me as my default setting is to do everything at the speed of light and say yes to every opportunity. We are almost half way through the year and I am proud to say that it has been going well so far (though my family and friends may disagree haha).

It has been so fun chatting with you today! If you would like to know more about me or my little business head over tohttps://bygeorgedesigns.bigcartel.com or come find me on Instagram at @by_george_designs.

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