A Cup of Chai with Ange from Paper Plains Food Truck

Meet Ange, the founder of Melbourne based Paper Plains food truck along with many other things she does, she is only 20 and she is changing the world. Paper Plains is a mobile business and Ange and her team are always on the move. Although they love their food, rolls and family, they're passionate about supporting the youth of today because our future lies in THEIR hands. They see them as more than just naive kids with unrealistic imaginations, they see them as budding entrepreneurs with innovations that could change the world that we live in. The following is a little interview with Ange:  

  • Words I live by: Spontaneity is the spice of life. Also life is too short to leave important words unsaid and inspiring things undone.
  • What does my typical morning routine looks like: Wake up without an alarm, move my bowels, get on the bike and ride to work :)
  • Reasons I love Prana chai: the authentic taste of chai and the balance of flavours. i'm a chai snob and always look for brewed chai with tea leaves.
  • A goal that lights me up: Riding on my own from Adelaide to melbourne (805km) in 5 days this coming january to raise money for stand up events Melbourne to help implement programs that reduce homophobic behaviour in youth sport!
  • What inspires you? Watching other people succeed and chase their dreams without fear of failure but rather full of passion and confidence. It makes it even more special when they create/make something that is beyond themselves and has a purpose to better the world that we live in, may it be big or small.
  • What do you worry about and why? If there's still pumpkin at home for me to use for dinner or if someone has eaten it during the day
  • What's your favourite breakfast menu and why? At the moment porridge with golden grind turmeric blend, frozen blueberries and homemade black tahini is the current obsession. The classic though is poached eggs on toast with lots of mushroom and grilled tomato.
  • Where can people find you? Riding my bike around Melbourne or following @goodwheel_hunting or @paper_plains_ on instagram.

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