Prana Chai Monthly Newsletter November 2019

Prana Chai Monthly Newsletter November 2019

Hello Chai Lovers,

World Vegan Day is an annual event celebrated byvegans around the world every year on the 1st of November. Vegans celebrate the benefits of veganism for humans, animals, and the natural environment. In case you didn’t know,to make Prana Chai even more inclusive, we’ve taken our signature Original Chai Blend up a vegan-friendly notch with our Vegan Blend.In the spirit of togetherness, we have an exciting BOX for you this month! 

Contemplate your serene space where you enjoy these fabulous sips. Here’s what we've included to ensure that your experience delivers: 1kg of Vegan Prana Chai, an18oz (instead of the original 12 oz) stainless steel pot,and twoWayfarer cups

Send one to your favorite tea break companion, or invite them over to join you! 

This brew-tiful blend combines the same balanced flavours of our Original Blend, just with a slight (sweet) difference: we’ve swapped out honey for pure agave syrup, making it friendly for vegans. With that simple exchange, you’ve got a whole new vegan chai mix that has low GI and presents an ethical alternative to honey.

This month we had a cup of chai withSandra, the European Chai Queen who is also a vegan. We interviewed her about her journey as a vegan and a lot more.

We have heaps of news for you this month, including the recipe for Dairy Free Coconut Chaiby Skinnymixers to try and ‘Meet The Team’ with AJ, who has recently joined our team as the wholesale manager for Los Angeles, California. 

Get cosy with your cup of chai and enjoy this month’s edition of Prana Chai Insider News.


Mario, Koray, Vincent, and the whole Prana Chai family.


As with all our blends that you’ve come to love, it’s still hand crafted in Melbourne with all-natural ingredients. It’s still free from preservatives and additives. It’s still made to preserve the Prana (life force) in every bag.

We now have an 18oz pot, ready for your ‘tea for two’ plans. 

Our Vegan Blend chai replaces honey with agave syrup. It’s a simple solution for vegans and has a low GI to make it diabetic-friendly. Just brew it with a nut-based or soy milk and you’ve got yourself a guilt-free treat.

A great gift set or a treat for any vegan chai devotee, this Starter Box will revolutionise the way you enjoy your chai.

Our Vegan Blend ingredients are: premium black tea, agave syrup, cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, cloves, peppercorn, and ginger root.

Vegan Chai For Two Box comes with everything you need to brew the ultimate vegan chai, including:

  • 1kg Prana Chai Original Vegan Blend
  • Big (18 oz) stainless steel stovetop pot
  • Fine mesh strainer
  • 2 x Wayfarer cups
  • Prana Chai Recipe Booklet packed with six original recipes to help you make the most of your chai.



A cup of Chai with Sandra (VEGAN SPECIAL)

  1. First of all, thanks for being #FriendsofPrana. How did you find Prana Chai and what do you like about it?

I came across Prana Chai in my first job as a barista in Melbourne. It was the first time I had seen REAL chai and I loooved the smell and look of it.

  1. Could you please share why you decide to become a vegan and what is the biggest motivation for you to continue the lifestyle? 

It started because of my health. I had a little bug in my stomach and after trying a lot of different medicine to get rid of it, with no success, I decided to try a natural approach and changed my diet. The results were so amazing that I did more and more research and I became hooked! There are other reasons to consider becoming vegan, too (animals, environment, etc).

  1. What is your biggest, scariest dream?

I don't think dreams are ever ‘too’ big. I have a lot of life goals and dreams that I try to pursue every day and I believe I will get there with time. I don’t aspire to anything too crazy or materialistic. My dreams are all based on love and living a happy life.

  1. What are the top three Instagram accounts that you get inspiration from?

@earthyandy @jennymusturd @ellenfisher

  1. What is your favourite way to enjoy Prana Chai? Please share the recipe with us! 

Cold brewed with Oatly milk

  1. What are you grateful for today? 

Feeling loved, and my health! 

  1. Where can people find you? 


Meet the Team - AJ 

1. Welcome to the Prana Team AJ! How are you feeling about the Prana team so far? Who annoys you (be honest)?

Nobody annoys me at all! I think everyone is really cool and I love the Australian accents! The time difference is something to get used to - I’m not used to having video team meetings at 5pm (my time)!

2. Tell us a bit about your experience with specialty coffee and hospitality before joining Prana Chai?  

Before working with Prana I worked for years in coffee wholesale. I drank a LOT of coffee so switching to something more healthy and with less caffeine is a great benefit to this job!


3. What gets you up in the morning? What are some of the exciting things happening in your life?

You know what gets me up in the mornings? My cat Sampson. As soon as the sun cracks through the blinds, he’s meowing constantly for food. Some exciting things: I do a lot of stand-up comedy and sometimes end up on random reality TV shows!

4. What are three questions that you wish people ask more and why? 

I wish people would ask other people how they’re doing.  I want people to ask why Prana Chai is the best because I can go on a huge tangent about it. I also want people to ask me about my tattoos (rather than stare at them).


5. What is your favourite ways to enjoy #OnlyTheGoodStuff (Prana Chai)? Share your recipes with us! 

Waking up late on a Sunday, watching football (American football) and a cup of Prana with oat milk. Soooo good.


6. What do you want to achieve before 2019 ends, and what do you need to let go of to achieve this?  

Hummm good question. I want to be able to do stand-up on a larger stage and to get there I need to get past my fear of not being funny. I mean, I know I am, but I’m always worried someone won’t laugh.


7. Where can people find you on Sunday at 3pm? 

In the fall - at a bar watching football. In the summer - guaranteed at the beach or at a BBQ. 

Doing More with Chai #PranaChaiRecipe

The recipe for this month is from Nik from Skinnymixers. Skinnymixers is an active blog,Facebook group andFacebook page, dedicated to sharing healthy thermal cooking recipes and discussing diet and lifestyle choices. Her Facebook group has over 170,000 members and is one of the largest and most active healthy recipe and lifestyle groups. 

Nik says:

Prana Chaiuses beautiful whole spices, tea and Australian honey. They also make it by hand every morning in their cafe, without the use of machines, additives or preservatives – so you know what you are drinking is truly good for your body and mind. It’s the first ‘wet chai’ I have tried, and I honestly can no longer be willfully ignorant. It’s lucky for me that there are so manyawesome cafes across Australia already servingPranaChai!

Skinnymixer's Dairy Free Prana Chai


  • 20gPrana Chai
  • 150g coconut milk
  • 100g water
  • pinch of vanilla bean powder (optional)


  1. Add all ingredients to mixer bowl, cook for five minutes at 90°C, on a speed setting of 1, with MC ‘off’.
  2. Strain using a fine tea-strainer or nut milk bag. Serve immediately.

Note: Instead of using coconut milk, you can use 250g (or 8.8 oz) cows’ milk if you prefer.

Have you got a recipe that you would like to share? Share it with us by using the hashtag #PranaChaiRecipe or submit ithere. We will feature our favourite recipes in our newsletter and send their lucky creators a special gift!  

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